Osomatsu-san Season 4 Confirmed with a PV and Visual

According to the official website and X (formerly Twitter) handle of the anime, Osomatsu-san season 4 is currently being produced as of Thursday, June 6, 2024. The staff recently released a promotional video to confirm the sequel’s production, which will be animated by Pierrot Films, a new subsidiary studio of Studio Pierrot.

In addition to the brief clip, it was revealed by the staff that the original six cast members will reprise their roles in Osomatsu-san season 4. This highly anticipated sequel marks the anime’s return after a three-year hiatus, with season 3 airing from October 2020 to March 2021.

Green-lit production for season 4 of Osomatsu-san

On Thursday, June 6, 2024, the official staff revealed a 26-second-long promotional clip announcing the production of Osomatsu-san season 4. The staff also confirmed that the production of the sequel will be handled by Studio Pierrot’s new studio, Pierrot Films.

The studio currently working on Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Part 3 is the same one that produced SennaRin’s music video for Bleach, titled Reaper. This studio, known as Pierrot Films, has a reputation for producing high-quality animation. Therefore, fans can anticipate that the comedy anime will have excellent animation quality.

The release date for Osomatsu-san season 4 has not been disclosed by the official team for the anime. Nevertheless, fans can anticipate the announcement to be made in the near future.

Teaser visual for Osomatsu-san season 4 (Image via Pierrot Films)
Teaser visual for Osomatsu-san season 4 (Image via Pierrot Films)

The promotional video highlights the Matsuno brothers’ hoodies, which are shown to be folded up. The brief clip also features the voices of the brothers in the background, expressing their excitement for the announcement of season 4.

The PV has displayed an image of folded-up hoodies, which has also been shared on the official website and X account of the anime. The staff has confirmed that the illustration was created by Eiji Yasuhiko, who has been the character designer for the series since season 3.

Furthermore, it was verified by the staff that all of the original voice actors from the previous seasons will be reprising their roles in Osomatsu-san season 4. This means that Jun Fukuyama will continue to voice Ichimatsu and Yuuichi Nakamura will once again be lending his voice to Karamatsu.

Additional voice actors featured in the cast are Daisuke Ono portraying Juushimatsu, Takahiro Sakurai as Osomatsu Matsuno, Hiroshi Kamiya as Koromatsu, and Miyu Irino as Todomatsu. The website has also received comments from these talented actors, expressing their joy and gratitude for the opportunity to bring these beloved characters to life once more.

Moreover, a unique event called Sextuplets Radio will also be broadcasted on the anime’s official YouTube channel at 9 PM JST. This program will feature phone calls and voice messages from Jun Fukuyama, Ono, and other voice actors, who will discuss the highly anticipated fourth season of Osomatsu-san.

About the anime Osomatsu-san

Matsuno brothers, as seen in the anime (Image via Pierrot)
Matsuno brothers, as seen in the anime (Image via Pierrot)

Osomatsu-san, also known as Mr. Osomatsu, is a TV anime adaptation of Fujio Akatsuka’s manga series. The show is a comedic depiction of the Matsuno brothers’ lives, focusing on the sextuplets.

The series has a whimsical and enjoyable atmosphere as it delves into the daily lives of the Matsuno brothers, each with their own unique tale. It is worth noting that the original series focused on the family when they were just 10 years old, while the anime adaptation presents a new interpretation of the manga by depicting the sextuplets as adults.

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