The Rise of Moonlight Timed Research for Pokemon Go: Date & time, tasks, rewards, more

As Pokemon Go Fest 2024 draws near, players can participate in ‘The Rise of Moonlight’ Timed Research and earn exciting rewards. Here’s everything you need to know about this quest.

Trainers who have already acquired the Go Fest 2024 ticket for Pokemon Go can participate in two quests that will reward them with exclusive Sun and Moon Crowns for their in-game avatar.

The initial part of this two-part Research, ‘A Glimpse of Daylight,’ has been completed by most, and the second part, The Rise of Moonlight, is now available for players to obtain additional useful items and encounter new Pokemon.

The Rise of Moonlight Timed Research for Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go The Rise of Moonlight Timed Research will be available until 10 AM local time on Saturday, July 13, 2024.

pokemon go fest 2024 sun and moon crown items

The Sun and Moon Crwons are based on the Gen 7 Pokemon games.

Pokémon Go: The Rise of Moonlight Timed Research Tasks and Rewards

The tasks and rewards for The Rise of Moonlight Timed Research in Pokemon Go are listed below:

The Rise of Moonlight (1/1)

Tasks Rewards
Catch 25 different species of Pokemon 1x Lure Module
Open 5 Gifts 792 Stardust
Make 10 Great Throws Encounter with Clefairy
Play with your Buddy 5 times 1x Poffin
Power up 10 Ghost-type Pokemon Encounter with Lunatone

By completing this Timed Research, you will receive a Moon Crown avatar item, 3x Silver Pinap Berry, and 3000 XP as a reward.

While you anticipate the arrival of Pokemon Go Fest 2024, be sure to take a look at the fresh batch of shiny Pokemon making their debut at the event. Additionally, learn how you can obtain the Dusk Mane and Dawn Wings forms of Necrozma through fusion.

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