Overwatch 2 Developers Address 6v6 Controversy

The Overwatch 2 community has been divided since the game’s launch, as some loyal players of Overwatch 1 believe that the decision to move away from 6v6 was a mistake. However, after a period of silence, the OW2 development team has now expressed a willingness to discuss the topic.

The Tank role was a major topic of discussion in the initial iteration of Overwatch, resulting in longer queue times for players in other roles. The shortage of tanks greatly hindered players trying to find matches in roles such as DPS.

Therefore, during the development of Overwatch 2, the decision was made to switch to a 5v5 format with only one tank per team. While this did improve queue times, it also significantly altered the game’s balance without adequately addressing the underlying issues that made players reluctant to queue for Tank in the first place.

The Tanks on the team have consistently been held accountable for everything and have been continuously pushed towards unproductive metas, such as Double Shields in Overwatch 1. Unfortunately, Overwatch 2 remains largely the same, with the prevalence of counter-swapping still causing issues.

In March 2024, there was a lot of excitement among Overwatch creators due to a tweet thread. Samito argued that 5v5 would never be better than 6v6, while popular tank player Flats dedicated hours of his stream discussing the matter.

Conversations of a similar nature have taken place both in the past and the present, with the only notable difference being the overwhelming silence of the development team on the subject. However, that has now changed.

In a recent dev blog, Aaron Keller revealed that the team’s main objective for Seasons 11 and 12 is to enhance the strength of tanks. They plan to achieve this by providing individual buffs to each Hero struggling in this role, with the ultimate goal of increasing their survivability.

Keller’s dev blog has raised questions about whether or not he is taking into account the potential solution of having two tanks per team in order to address the issue. In other words, the possibility of returning to a 6v6 format is being considered.

The director of Overwatch 2 disclosed that discussions have been ongoing within the team, and that the matter will be directly addressed in an upcoming Director’s Take or Dev Update.

As mentioned by Keller during the Director’s Take that initiated the discussion about Overwatch 2’s 6v6 mode, his next Director’s Take will be released a few weeks after June 28, 2024.

“According to him, a future Director’s Take out is planned for a few weeks from now. This is when we can expect to receive more details on the team’s plans and whether or not they are considering a return to 6v6.”

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