Professional Mortal Kombat Player Criticized for Damaging Tournament Stage with Chair Throw

At CEO 2024, professional Mortal Kombat 1 player Dyloch celebrated his victory by throwing his chair off the stage. This resulted in a broken stage light and approximately $3,000 worth of property damage.

At CEO, one of the largest fighting game tournaments in the world, Mortal Kombat 1 is just one of the many games being played. Those who qualify for the main stage have the opportunity to enter a real fighting ring and battle it out.

Despite his stage win, Dyloch was carried away in the excitement and ended up throwing his chair over the ropes.

The chair caused damage to some stage lights when it landed, earning him the anger of tournament organizers.

“Dyloch, Dyloch… Why did you do that my friend? Dyloch, what are you up to?”asked caster Tento immediately following the throw.

Upon witnessing the incident where the Mortal Kombat 1 player threw their opponent in real life, Alex Jebailey, founder of CEO, wasted no time in addressing the situation. He stated, “Can someone provide [Dyloch’s] PayPal? I am not responsible for the cost of the damaged light fixture.”

Furthermore, he issued a stern warning to players who engage in the dangerous act of throwing chairs or any other objects at future events. He emphasized that anyone caught doing so will be immediately banned from all future events he organizes. This serves as a final warning for all individuals to refrain from such behavior in the future.

After this, Dyloch went on to win the entire Mortal Kombat 1 tournament and stated that he would take responsibility for the light.

The first place winner of this tournament will receive a cash prize of $565. According to Jebailey, the broken light is valued at just under $3,000. If Dyloch were to cover the full cost of the light, he would be spending approximately $2,500.

This is not the first instance of a chair being thrown causing controversy in the FGC recently. In 2024, Hungrybox sparked a debate when he broke a chair while celebrating at Get On My Level, receiving a mixed response from his supporters.

Jebailey is attempting to put an end to the trend of chair throwing that has emerged in the FGC.

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