Palworld Devs Partner with Sony for Game Expansion

Pocketpair, the developer of Palworld, has recently revealed a collaboration with Sony and Aniplex to expand the franchise into multimedia platforms.

Despite its relatively quiet arrival, Palworld quickly became a massive sensation. In just a matter of days, the game gained over 2 million concurrent players on Steam, making it the second most popular game on the platform.

Fondly nicknamed ‘Pokemon with firearms’ among its fan community, there were those who believed it could potentially rival the popular monster-catching franchise. However, critics of Palworld claimed that the game blatantly copied Pokemon’s character designs using generative AI.

It seems that Palworld creator, Pocketpair, is once again drawing inspiration from the world of Pokemon. The company has recently revealed a collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment Japan and Aniplex to transform Palworld into a versatile intellectual property.

The partnership’s goal is to establish a new company named Palworld Entertainment, Inc. As stated on the company’s recently launched website, its main objective is to acquire licenses for new merchandise and media in Japan and worldwide.

Despite not currently being available on Sony consoles, the partnership with a Sony-owned organization aims to address the limited availability of the Palworld video game.

“Furthermore, we will collaborate with the Sony Group to advance new developments for Palworld, in addition to SME and Aniplex. This joint venture will also contribute to the continued progress and evolution of the Palworld game by Pocket Pair, as stated in a translated statement reported by Famitsu. We are excited for the future of this business and hope for your anticipation.”

Recently, the game’s community manager on X teased Palworld’s future on PlayStation consoles, solidifying players’ anticipation for the upcoming release.

The collaboration with Aniplex also opens the possibility of a Palworld anime in the future. If they maintain their humorous approach to parodying Pokemon, it is sure to bring about many laughs.

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