One Piece’s Latest Spoilers Reveal Potential Defeat of the Gorosei with Emeth’s Help

The highly anticipated chapter 1120 of One Piece was leaked, revealing exciting elements. One of the most significant scenes depicted the Iron Giant, Emeth, battling the Elders of the Gorosei, hinting at a potential strategy to defeat them.

One of the strongest indications of this theory is the World Government leaders’ attempt to separate the giant’s arms, despite the fact that the Transmission Transponder Snail is not located in that area.

Upon further examination, it becomes clear that the Gorosei’s desire for the Transmission Transponder Snail to halt Dr. Vegapunk’s ongoing message in the One Piece manga indicates that their attack on Emeth’s arms was a strategic move.

The giant has proven capable of striking Warcury and even causing damage to one of his fangs. This provides compelling evidence that he possesses unique abilities and immense physical power, allowing him to harm these individuals.

Please note: This article may reveal plot details for the series.

Explaining how Emeth could be the key to defeating the Gorosei in One Piece

As previously mentioned, the latest chapter of the manga, chapter 1120, was leaked and revealed various developments. One of the most notable scenes involved the members of the Gorosei ripping apart one of the arms of Emeth, the iron giant. While some theorized that this was a means to obtain the Transmission Transponder Snail and prevent Dr. Vegapunk’s message from being transmitted, it is also reasonable to assume that this was not a hidden intention.

This has led to the theory that Emeth possesses a power or ability that could cause significant harm to the Gorosei. This theory is reinforced by his connection to Joy Boy and his regretful apology for “failing”him. The fact that Emeth’s single punch was able to break one of Warcury’s fangs adds weight to this theory, as it demonstrates his impressive strength in comparison to the powerful Gorosei.

Given Emeth’s connections to major events in the series, such as possibly the Void Century, and his unique constitution not previously seen in the story, it is highly likely that he possesses something special that could potentially harm the Gorosei. This theory holds weight and would also give Emeth a chance to aid Joy Boy in the present era.

Possible Developments in Upcoming Chapters

Dr. Vegapunk's message continues (Image via Toei Animation)
Dr. Vegapunk’s message continues (Image via Toei Animation)

While it is hard to anticipate the events in the upcoming One Piece chapters, it is likely that Emeth will not survive beyond this arc. Given Luffy and his crew’s desire to evade Egghead, it is logical for Emeth to sacrifice himself in order to ensure Nika’s survival.

The upcoming chapters must also cover the repercussions of Vegapunk’s broadcast to the world and the status of his remaining satellites. While it appears that the arc is nearing its end, it may still require some time to come to a close.


There is a possibility that Emeth possesses certain abilities or resources that could enable him to harm the Gorosei, which could explain their decision to target his arms in One Piece chapter 1120. However, this is currently only a conjecture among fans.

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