Xbox Users Slam Microsoft for Paywalling Day One Game Pass Titles

Microsoft has received criticism from Xbox users for their decision to restructure the Game Pass subscription and restrict access to Day One titles behind a paywall.

The recent changes to Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription service have sparked criticism from Xbox users who are unhappy with the company’s decision to require a more expensive subscription for access to day-one Game Pass titles.

Recently, Microsoft announced that they will be increasing the price of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and introducing a new, more affordable option. However, this change comes with a major drawback for those interested in the cheaper alternative. Previously, the Game Pass subscription provided access to all titles, but this will no longer be the case.

The Standard edition, priced at $14.99 USD, will not include access to Day One games. On the other hand, the Ultimate edition ($19.99 USD) will provide users with access to all Day One Game Pass titles. These updates are scheduled to be implemented in September 2024.

As an illustration, individuals who opt for the Standard edition will not be able to download a title like Black Ops 6 on its release date, whereas those who purchase the Ultimate edition will have the option to do so on Day One.

The recent modifications have sparked anger among Xbox users, who are accusing Microsoft of being “greedy.”

Upon learning of the structural changes to Game Pass, a user on X platform commented, criticizing Microsoft for their greed and suggesting that they release more popular games on the platform to make it more valuable. The user also mentioned the company’s recent layoffs of successful indie teams.

One person expressed, “I have always been a fan of Xbox, but I can no longer defend them.”Another individual added, “Everything else is already expensive, and now we can’t even do anything without being robbed.”

Only time will reveal whether Xbox users will eventually accept these price increases and changes for Game Pass. Nevertheless, it is evident that the initial response has been unfavorable.

The revised Game Pass system will be implemented on both PC and Xbox consoles in September of 2024.

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