Palworld’s Latest Update Sees a Surge in Player Activity

Palworld has experienced a significant surge in the number of returning players since the release of the Sakurajima update, with an astonishing 700% rise in the past few weeks.

The Sakurajima update has brought Palworld back into the spotlight. Players can now explore a brand-new location and add numerous new Pals to their team and Paldeck.

In addition, new features like Supply Drops have been introduced to allow players to obtain recently added materials for crafting unique items. This promise of increased activities has proven to be alluring.

After monitoring on Steam, it can be observed that Palworld has experienced a significant rise of 700% in the number of players playing at the same time. Previously, the concurrent player count was around 15,000 before the Sakurajima update. However, the latest surge surpassed this number with a total of 143,369 Pal Tamers returning to the game.

Palworld Chikipi

Before this surge in players, there were insinuations that Palworld was dead.

Upon its release, Palworld quickly became a worldwide sensation, captivating the gaming community with its unique ‘Pokemon with guns’ concept. This innovative idea drove the game to unprecedented levels of popularity, making it a viral sensation unlike any other before or after.

Despite facing allegations of plagiarism and the use of AI, Palworld achieved incredible success with 2,101,867 players at its peak, making it the second-most concurrently played game of all time.

Despite the likelihood that we will never witness Palworld’s numbers reaching such heights again, the fact that the survival game, developed independently, has once again surpassed 100,000 players proves that there is a loyal audience for its unique style of capturing monsters.

Pocketpair, the developer of the game, has no intentions of reducing the flow of content. The Palworld roadmap still includes several items that have not been released, such as crossplay between Xbox and PC, which will greatly enhance the PVP arena.

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