Baby Monster’s Emotional Moment During Fanmeeting Explained

Recently, the group BABYMONSTER, also known as “BLACKPINK’s little sisters,”successfully hosted a fan meeting in Bangkok, Thailand. This city holds a special place in the hearts of two members, Chiquita and Pharita, as it is their hometown. This added significance deeply moved the newcomers during their performances. While singing “Dream”and “Stuck In The Middle,”the youngest member of BABYMONSTER, Chiquita, couldn’t contain her emotions and ended up in tears.

The song “Dream”depicts the seven YG Entertainment trainees’ transition from trainees to debuting artists. During their first performance in their hometown, they shared the stage with BABYMONSTER at an official event. Chiquita was unable to contain her intense emotions during this momentous occasion.

Despite the support and tight hugs from her fellow members Ahyeon, Rora, Rami, and Pharita, Chiquita, the youngest member of BABYMONSTER, was unable to contain her emotions. Tears continued to stream down her face, hindering her ability to sing. In a desperate attempt to control her emotions, she resorted to slapping herself, leaving fans feeling heartbroken.

The BABYMONSTER fan meeting in Bangkok, Thailand was a deeply emotional event, with the group delivering poignant performances that resonated with the audience.

Origin: K14

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