IU Surpasses Lisa? Netizens Shocked by Top 30 Most Searched K-pop Idols on Google

On June 30, an article discussing the rankings for the Top 30 Most Searched K-pop Idols on Google in the first half of 2024 was posted on the Korean forum Pann Nate, generating significant interest.


Based on this subject, the Top 30 Most Searched K-pop Idols on Google for the first half of 2024 are listed below:

  1. BTS’s V
  2. BTS’s Jungkook
  3. IU
  4. BLACKPINK’s Lisa
  5. BLACKPINK’s Jennie
  6. ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo
  7. BTS’s Jimin
  8. BTS’s Suga
  9. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo
  10. BTS’s Jin
  11. BLACKPINK’s Rosé
  12. aespa’s Karina
  13. BTS’s RM
  14. Stray Kids’ Hyunjin
  15. IVE’s Jang Wonyoung
  16. Stray Kids’ Felix
  17. BTS’s j-hope
  18. SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu
  19. Stray Kids’ Bang Chan
  20. Suzy
  21. LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon
  22. ENHYPEN’s Miki
  23. TWICE’s Nayeon
  24. Stray Kids’ Lee Know
  25. NewJeans’ Hanni
  26. TWICE’s Sana
  27. Girls’ Generation’s Yoona
  28. TWICE’s Momo
  29. TWICE’s Jihyo
  30. Momoland’s Nancy

The calculation of this list only took into account relevant search terms, causing a lot of people to be surprised by the results. Below are a few remarks from internet users:

  • Was IU searched more than Lisa?
  • IU is amazing
  • Despite their continued success on an international level, it seems that 3rd generation idols are facing rapid replacement in Korea.
  • Wah it’s shocking to see Nancy on the list
  • V’s real advantage lies in his formidable fandom sales force. It is not to be underestimated.

The source of this information is Pann Nate, which can be accessed at //pann.nate.com/talk/372773389.

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