“PD Note” to Re-examine Burning Sun Scandal’s Investigation Process

The July 2nd episode of “PD Note”will delve into the investigation process of the Burning Sun scandal through an episode titled “Burning Sun: The Stories We Missed”during its broadcast.

It has been five years since the Burning Sun scandal rocked South Korea in 2019. As those implicated in the incident are being released from jail and global documentaries shed light on sexual offenses committed by K-pop celebrities, the outrage and fury towards the Burning Sun case have resurfaced.

According to MBC reporter Lee Moon-hyun, who first reported on the Burning Sun scandal, the location in question is frequented by numerous individuals and is not an abandoned alleyway. The fact that an assault could occur without anyone intervening suggests that there may have been other victims besides the initial person involved.

The event that sparked the Burning Sun controversy involved the attack on 27-year-old Kim Sang-kyo by a staff member of the club. After being assaulted, Kim Sang-kyo dialed 112 to report the incident. However, he alleges that the officers who arrived at the scene arrested and assaulted him, the victim, instead.

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As a result, a thorough investigation was launched into drug use, sex crimes, tax evasion, and police collusion at Burning Sun and other Gangnam clubs, posing a threat to the police organization’s credibility. “PD Note”will now take a closer look at the investigative procedures used in the Burning Sun case.

On November 24th, 2018, Kim Sang-kyo’s life was forever altered after a one-night visit to Burning Sun. This visit resulted in him being involved in more than ten legal cases, which resulted in five years of constant investigations and court proceedings.

Kim Sang-kyo expressed his frustration, stating that the police attempted to falsely accuse him of a sex crime. He noted that in South Korea, sex crimes are often the easiest to pin on someone. Had it been a one-on-one situation, he believes he would have felt less victimized.

Following his request for an inquiry into police wrongdoing, Kim Sang-kyo was presented with a sexual harassment allegation. The individuals implicated were either affiliated with Burning Sun as employees or were associates of the club. “PD Note”will go back to the initial stages of the Burning Sun controversy to reexamine the doubts raised by Kim Sang-kyo.

The individual who first exposed the GHB drug-facilitated sexual assault at Burning Sun admitted, “I had a strong sense that no matter how much I shared about my experience, no one would believe me… It was as if they had already made up their minds and would conduct their investigation based on their predetermined conclusion.”

Despite bravely speaking out against her perpetrator, the victim has yet to see justice served after five years. Despite Interpol’s red notice being issued, the perpetrator continues to thrive as a successful businessman in Thailand, while the victim continues to suffer from trauma.

“The “PD Note”program delves into the Burning Sun Scandal by examining two investigations that took place simultaneously, each with a completely opposite perspective, regarding two incidents within the scandal.”

“On July 2nd at 9 p.m., MBC’s “PD Note”will broadcast the episode titled “Burning Sun: The Stories We Missed.”

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