SM Staff Under Fire For Allegedly ‘Mistreating’ MYs At aespa’s ‘SYNK: Parallel Line’ Concert — What Happened?

On June 29, aespa kicked off their “2024 aespa LIVE TOUR – SYNK”Parallel Line”at Seoul’s Jamsil Indoor Stadium. As anticipated, the group’s dedicated fans, MYs, were ecstatic throughout the concert, enjoying live performances of the foursome’s top hits.

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Regrettably, on the social media platform X (Twitter), K-MYs who attended the concert expressed their disappointment. As per multiple posts on the app, fans in the front row recounted how certain individuals obstructed their view.

The individuals were accused of being SM Entertainment staff. Numerous photos also showed them using professional cameras to capture the performances. Some individuals also reported that they were seen standing on step stools, obstructing the view of those in the front row.

Translation: “They’re filming this at a concert while blocking the view of the fans? I think it’s the staff, but they shouldn’t cause inconvenience to the fans who paid a lot of money to attend. Isn’t this the behavior that undermines the viewing culture the agency always talks about?”

SM Staff Criticized For Allegedly 'Mistreating' MYs At aespa's 'SYNK: Parallel Line' Concert — What Happened?
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The community forum was also inundated with these tweets, leading netizens to criticize the staff for causing inconvenience and mistreating others.

  • “What if I blocked it in front of them? I need a refund.”
  • “Are they crazy?”
  • “It’s really insane, who even uses a chair? The stage doesn’t even look that high, so why do that?”
  • “Are they staff? I’ve never seen anyone obstruct a view like that at a real concert.”
  • “Can you refund me if I experience that? It’s a long way to see.”
  • “Seriously, who will reward you for that? They won’t even compensate you, and they will make you really ignorant.”
  • “It’s funny, I took a snap while crawling on the floor, but it came out high-quality, right? Anyway, SM is a sc**bag.”
  • “Isn’t it crazy? They should refund it. The concert itself was of good quality, but what are you doing at a show for the fans?”
  • “This is really bad, please don’t do that, that’s too much of a sight obstruction.”
  • “The broadcast camera can’t get out of the designated spot as much as possible, and the rest of the SM staff who go around to take pictures are the problem.”
  • “Are you doing a concert for filming purposes? If you’re going to do that, why are you selling tickets for hundreds of thousands of won?”
  • “If it’s a broadcast camera, it can’t be helped, but if you’re doing that in front of you to take Instagram or behind-the-scenes photos, it’s annoying.”

Please share your thoughts on the matter and let us know if you plan on attending one of aespa’s concerts in 2024. Leave a comment below!

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