Pokémon Go players enjoy the unique advantage of being in the countryside

As Pokémon Go seems to be getting harder and harder for rural players to enjoy, several fans have banded together to praise a particular aspect of the game, and it’s not what you might think.

Pokémon Go is constantly changing things or adding new features, and while fans like some new features like Routes, the increase in in-person events like Dark Raids or Elite Raids with Pokémon like Amovenus has left some Rural players feel a little left out.

It’s difficult to gather a group to play Pokémon Go at the best of times, but if you live in a remote location, it can be a real challenge to find enough enthusiastic players to travel and defeat some difficult bosses with you.

Luckily, there are some benefits to living in the middle of nowhere, as some players have shared online.

Rural Pokémon Go players show off their Trials victories

A Pokémon Go player named u/slasherman shared a Reddit post online, with the text “The only good thing about being rural.” Additionally, the post shows the fact that the user has achieved first place in several PokéStop Events.

The only benefit of being rural. byu/slasherman inPokemonGoMystic

A Pokémon Trial is a chance for players to show off their biggest and best Pokémon, with rewards for the best Pokémon including Stardust. This is also the key to getting the newly added Pikachu Ph.D., so many fans are now turning to this mechanic to get theirs.

Other players commented on the difficulty of the Trials, as well as their situation as a rural player, under the original post.

One comment says: “This Ordeal was brutal. Even with three stars in all categories, I still finished in 27th place.” Meanwhile, another comment adds: “Honestly with Pikachu Ph.D. being so cool, you might find some Trials that are a bit far away and without much competition.”

A Pokémon Go player adds his own view, living in a city, adding: “I live in Los Angeles, have only ever won 2 and don’t plan on winning many more. Even getting into the top 10 is difficult, usually 100+ in each.”

It’s clear that whether you live in a rural area or a city, there are different ways that Pokémon Go can be a blessing or a curse. Hopefully Niantic does more to balance these features in the future.

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