Pokemon Go’s latest event convinces players they’ll never get long-requested Showcase feature

Despite the ongoing Sizeable Surprises event being the perfect opportunity to implement it, the highly sought-after PokeStop Showcase feature may never be released to Pokemon Go fans.

Despite the initial excitement surrounding the Sizeable Surprises event in Pokemon Go, which promised shiny Pokemon debuts such as Wimpod and appearances from Ultra Beasts like Kartana and Celesteela in Raids, many players were left disappointed with the lackluster PokeStop Showcases.

A Reddit post was shared by a trainer under the username ‘Quacking92’, in which they stated, “Considering the lack of XXS showcases for this event, it can be assumed that they will not be produced in the near future.”

The OP also mentioned that the Sizeable Surprises event, centered on Pokemon of varying sizes, would have been an ideal opportunity to introduce Showcases for both XXS and XXL species at PokeStops.

Many others concurred with the OP’s sentiments and shared that they too had been saving their XXS collection for future Showcases, but now have no doubt that “it will never come to fruition.”

It is important to note that the Showcase has always exclusively featured XXL sized Pokemon since the feature was introduced. Some have suggested that allowing two players to win the showcase, with the first place going to the biggest Pokemon and the last place to the smallest, would be a simple addition to the coding and greatly appreciated by players.

Despite the absence of XXS on Niantic’s part, you can still involve your preferred XXLs in the current PokeStop Showcases and receive thrilling in-game rewards.

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