Rapper Sleepy and TS Entertainment Face Legal Battle Over Profits and False Information

Despite a recent court ruling in favor of rapper Sleepy, TS Entertainment has announced its intention to appeal the decision, once again finding itself embroiled in a legal battle with the artist.

Rapper Sleepy
Rapper Sleepy(Photo : Instagram)

Lawyer Kim Bo Hyun of AK Law Firm, the legal representative for TS Entertainment, has stated that Sleepy is believed to have participated in unauthorized activities that resulted in substantial financial losses for the company.

The origins of the feud can be traced back to 2019 when TS Entertainment first accused Sleepy of owing damages and of secretly profiting without their knowledge.

At that time, the ruling was in accordance with a lawsuit that was made to prove that the cause of the nullification of the exclusive contract between Sleepy and TS Entertainment was due to Sleepy.

The second trial was the first time where it was legally judged that the company had been losing out due to the years of unethical profits taken by Sleepy. But in the early days of the lawsuit, it was misinterpreted that the nullification of the contract was due to being unable to negotiate adjustments smoothly, rather than the breach of trust, and hence we were instructed to file a separate lawsuit for financial compensation. Due to this, it was ruled that there would be no financial compensation as the situation ended with adjustment.

We think that this is a ruling based on misinterpretation. That is why we plan on reopening this with our appeal this time. In addition, we plan on filing lawsuits and blowing the whistle on Sleepy’s under-the-table advertisement deals and social media advertisements, as well as his unauthorized performances and the unethical profits he took, all of which were admitted to in the court trial previously. We will put out a statement about this later.

Despite his fame on the hit show I Live Alone and his personal life being in the public eye, Sleepy has not yet issued a public response regarding the recent accusations made by TS Entertainment.

The ongoing legal battle between Sleepy and TS Entertainment highlights the intricate nature of the entertainment industry, where public disputes over contracts and finances are not uncommon.

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