Staff Defending Jennie From Smoking Controversy Turns Out To Be Impersonator

A recent controversy surrounding Jennie arose when footage from her own Vlog video showed her smoking an e-cigarette while getting her makeup done. Netizens were quick to criticize her for smoking indoors and also for her alleged bossy behavior towards a makeup staff member, as she was seen blowing smoke in their face.

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Subsequently, Jennie’s personal label OA issued an apology for the incident of indoor smoking, stating “Jennie recognizes and sincerely regrets her error of vaping indoors and causing inconvenience to the staff. She has personally extended her apologies to all the on-site staff who may have been affected. We also apologize to her fans who may have felt let down by this occurrence. Our utmost priority is to ensure that such incidents do not happen again in the future.”

Despite the formal apology, criticism persists as individuals maintain negative views about Jennie’s treatment of her staff and even bring up concerns about her character.

A netizen who identified themselves as a staff member at the indoor smoking incident site defended Jennie in a post, stating that she had asked for permission to smoke in the fashion show’s waiting room and had done so with the window open.

jennie blackpink

The staff had been searching for a lip product when they saw Jennie smoking a bubble stick purchased from a convenience store. The timing was perfect for her to blow out the smoke. Even after the fashion show ended, she continuously apologized, but the staff, who happened to be a smoker as well, did not mind. This person expressed their disappointment about the public’s misunderstanding of Jennie.

As the post about Jennie’s indoor smoking controversy spread, Internet users soon discovered that the supposed staff member at the scene was not actually real. While the post did initially generate a supportive atmosphere for Jennie, it also sparked additional criticism. Unfortunately, the controversy surrounding Jennie’s actions has escalated to the point of people impersonating staff members.

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