Re: Zero Season 3 Unveils New Trailer, Visual, and More Ahead of Special Premiere

Kadokawa, one of the producers of Re: Zero season 3, released a new trailer for the anime series on their YouTube channel on June 6, 2024. Along with the trailer, they announced the theme song artists, additional cast members, a key visual, and a special premiere featuring a 90-minute episode.

In April 2016, the series began airing and has since been adapted into two seasons of anime, the second of which consists of two parts.

Update: Third Season of Re: Zero to Debut with a 90-Minute Premiere

The most recent preview for the anime series, which is scheduled to debut its first episode in October 2024, opened with the introduction of a new character, Sirius Romanée-Conti. The preview then showcased scenes from the anime as Subaru’s group journeyed through the kingdom to meet the potential candidates for the next King.

The trailer showcased previews of the theme songs and introduced four new cast members along with their voice actors. It also provided a glimpse of volume 38 of the light novel, set to be released in Japan on June 25, 2024.

The key visual for Re: Zero season 3 (Image via Kadokawa)
The key visual for Re: Zero season 3 (Image via Kadokawa)

In addition, a key visual was revealed featuring two distinct sides. On one side, Subaru’s group was joined by all the King candidates, while the other side was made up of various archbishops representing each witch in the series. Furthermore, Studio White Fox has been confirmed to animate the third installment of Re: Zero.

Konomi Suzuki is set to sing “Reweave,”the opening theme song for the third season of Re: Zero, while MYTH & ROID will be singing the ending theme song titled “Nox Lux.”

Having performed the opening theme songs for the first two seasons of Re: Zero, titled ‘Redo’ and ‘Realize,’ Konomi Suzuki is a talented Japanese singer.

MYTH & ROID is a Japanese pop-rock band known for their performances of various theme songs for the first season. These include the opening theme song, ‘Paradisus-Paradoxum,’ and three ending theme songs, ‘STYX HELIX,’ ‘STRAIGHT BET,’ and ‘theater D.’

Along with the release of the trailer, Re: Zero season 3 has introduced new cast members such as Ishige Shouya (known for his role as Gojo Wakana in My DressUp Darling) as Joshua Juukulius, Nishiyama Koutarou (Frate Vanette in 91 Days) as Kiritaka Muse, Anzai Chika (Chisato in Lycoris Recoil) as Sirius Romanée-Conti, and Kenjiro Tsuda (Nanami in Jujutsu Kaisen) as Heinkel Astrea.

Synopsis of Re: Zero Season 3

Sirius Romanée-Conti as seen in the trailer (Image via Kadokawa)
Sirius Romanée-Conti as seen in the trailer (Image via Kadokawa)

As of the release of this article, an official synopsis for the third sequel of Re: Zero has not been revealed. Despite this, it is possible to make assumptions about which arcs or volumes this season may cover.

The second part of Re: Zero season 2, which ended on volume 15 of the light novel, marked the conclusion of Arc 4 titled The Everlasting Contract. Therefore, season 3 is expected to begin with volume 16, the first volume of Arc 5 known as The Stars That Engrave History. This arc spans over 5 volumes (volumes 16-20).

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