Frustrated Warzone Players Call for Change in Stale Meta

Some Warzone players have voiced their concerns about the Season 4 meta, stating that it has become “stale”and limited. They argue that only two guns are considered viable and that most enemies are using them.

Every new Warzone season brings changes to the meta, with new guns and adjustments to existing ones affecting the competitive options. This can lead to a diverse meta where multiple weapons are viable, or a more limited one where only a few stand out as particularly strong.

Players have stated that Season 4 fits into the same category as two guns, the Kar98k and Superi 46, have been dominating every match. These guns were both introduced in the Season 4 update.

Reddit user ‘sippsay’ humorously posted: “Is anyone else enjoying the great weapon balance and variety in this patch?”Along with the statement, they included a screenshot of their two custom loadouts, featuring the Superi as the primary weapon and the Kar98k as the secondary.

Many players expressed their frustration with the limited choices in Warzone Season 4, stating that they were tired of constantly being defeated by the two dominant guns in every game. They expressed a desire for more viable alternatives, particularly following the nerf of the DG-58 LSW on June 4.

One comment mentioned, “It has been almost a week since I died from anything other than the two weapons featured in this meme.”Another person chimed in, “It’s concerning that players feel limited to using only a few weapons due to fear of other guns.”

Anyone else loving the weapon balance and diversity this patch? byu/sippsay inCODWarzone

Several Warzone players have expressed frustration with the Kar98k, claiming that its ability to deliver one-shot kills at any range makes it too overpowering and leaves little room for using other weapons. One player even boldly stated, “The KAR98K was the worst thing to happen to Warzone 3, change my mind. The meta has become stagnant too quickly.”

Fans proposed two methods for achieving better balance in the meta during Season 4. The first involved reducing the power of the Kar and Superi 46, in order to make other weapons more attractive. The second involved boosting certain Assault Rifles and LMGs to create a more competitive environment.

The developers frequently release balancing adjustments in smaller updates throughout the season, and additional changes can be expected in the upcoming Reloaded update. Players are hopeful that these two weapons will not continue to dominate the game for an extended period of time.

If you’re searching for another option, consider the unexpected one-shot weapon that was boosted secretly, or the well-known assault rifle that acts as a laser for long-distance shots.

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