Recommended Build for Sharen in The First Descendant

As the sole stealth-focused character in The First Descendant, Sharen has piqued the interest of many players who are eager to experience her unique playstyle. Before diving in, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the ideal build for Sharen in order to fully maximize her potential.

Although she may not be the strongest Descendant, her utilization of the proper Modules, Reactors, and External Components provides a unique gameplay compared to other characters.

Best Sharen build

  • Modules: Nimble Fingers, Electric Master, Electric Specialist, Void Domination
  • Reactor: Tingling Mixture
  • External Components: Max HP, Max Shield
  • Weapon: Thunder Cage

The optimal Sharen build in The First Descendant allows her to effectively increase the damage output of her abilities. She heavily relies on stalking and ambushing enemies for success, but she may struggle when faced with a large number of opponents.

In general, you are seeking Modules and External Components that enhance her ability to survive and utilize her skills, as well as a weapon such as Thunder Cage that provides her with an advantage through additional AoE.

Best Module Setup

Slot Module Description
1 (Skill Module) Void Domination Increases the targeting range of Flash Shortsword. Increases enemy targeting speed.
2 Shortsword Attacks using a Shortsword during Sub Attack and increase max Module Capacity.
3 Increased Shield Improves max Shields.
4 Increased HP Improves max HP.
5 Electric Master Increases Skill Power and Skill Electric Power modifiers.
6 Nimble Fingers Considerably reduces Skill Cooldown.
7 (Sub Module) Skill Range Mastery Increases Skill Range.
8 HP Concentration Improves Max HP and Skill Critical Hit Rate.
9 Increased DEF Increases your DEF.
10 Electric Specialist Increases Electric Skill Power Boost Ratio.
11 Entropy Acceleration Moderately improves Max MP and Skill Critical Hit damage.
12 [Flex Slot] N/A

In order to fully utilize Sharen’s abilities, she must be in close proximity to the enemy. Adding Modules such as Increased Shield and Increased HP can greatly enhance her potential. These Modules have personally helped me prolong my survival when emerging from stealth to engage enemies.

Her reliance on her Skills is a significant aspect of her gameplay. Utilizing Electric Specialist and Skill Range Mastery is crucial for maximizing damage, while Nimble Fingers ensures their availability. HP Concentration is also highly recommended as a Mod for the most effective Sharen build, as it combines these two essential elements of her kit.

Best Reactors

The optimal Reactors to pair with Sharen in The First Descendant are Tingling Mixture or Tingling Phase.

She utilizes Dimension and Fusion skills, with Electric being her primary attribute. As a result, it would be most effective to equip her with Reactors that amplify these abilities. Since our goal is to boost her damage output, the optimal selection would be Tingling Mixture.

In order to create the best Sharen build, it is important to prioritize Reactors with high Skill Power and Sub Attack Power. Additionally, meeting the Optimization Condition is crucial as it will further enhance your skill power.

Best External Components

As a melee-focused character, Sharen benefits from External Components that increase Max HP, Max Shield, DEF, and HP Recovery.

The key to successfully striking enemies is ensuring that she can survive her attacks. Therefore, these External Components should effectively ensure that you can get the most out of her without risking unnecessary death.

Best Weapons

In The First Descendant, the most effective weapons to use with Sharen are the Executor Shotgun, Thunder Cage SMG, and Afterglow Sword Sniper Rifle.

Task Executor

  • ATK: 16
  • Fire Rate: 109
  • Reload Speed: 1.85 seconds
  • Effective Range: 9m
  • Anticipated Condemnation: Striking enemies with all bullets will bestow Executor’s Exaltation. The level of Exaltation determines the increase in Firearm ATK and the infliction of Electrocution on the targeted enemy. By hitting an Electrocuted enemy, the Firearm ATK will increase and this buff will be applied to the attack.
Executor Shotgun in The First Descendant.
Nexon Games

Like Bunny, the Executor is a great choice for Sharen too.

It is crucial to have a shotgun in her best build due to the constant proximity to enemies. The Executor stands out as an excellent option thanks to Impending Judgement. Its ATK bonus can be easily activated by hitting all shots, and its Electrocution effect complements well with Cutoff Beam and Flash Shortsword.

Thunder Cage

  • ATK: 18
  • Fire Rate: 666
  • Reload Speed: 1.4 seconds
  • Effective Range: 23m
  • Overcharge: When an enemy is defeated, a powerful electric shockwave is released, causing nearby enemies within a 3-meter radius to take damage equal to the firearm ATK.
Thunder Cage SMG in The First Descendant
Nexon Games

The Thunder Cage helps Sharen get some more AoE damage.

The Thunder Cage is currently one of the top-performing guns in the game, as it effectively addresses Sharen’s vulnerability to AoE damage through the added electric shockwave from Overcharge. This combination greatly enhances the gun’s overall effectiveness.

Upon utilizing this firearm, I discovered that I could swiftly defeat foes, especially when paired with the ATK bonus granted by her stealth abilities. This makes it an excellent choice for taking on large groups of enemies.

Afterglow Sword

  • ATK: 240
  • Fire Rate: 66
  • Reload Speed: 2.5 seconds
  • Effective Range: 55m
  • The game “Nightmare Reaper”allows players to inflict the unique ability Death Propagation by hitting an enemy’s weak point. Additionally, when hitting an enemy Commander or Colossi, the player’s firearm critical hit rate is increased and the Death Propagation effect is applied to the attack.
Afterglow Sword Sniper Rifle in The First Descendant
Nexon Games

This Sniper Rifle will help balance her weakness against bosses.

Sharen’s boss damage is a challenge for her, but the Afterglow Sword provides the ideal solution to counter this weakness. Its unique ability, Nightmare Reaper, significantly boosts reload speed and damage when targeting weak points, making it a crucial tool for tackling tough boss battles.

Best Active Skill

One of Sharen’s standout skills is her Active Camouflage, which is considered her best skill. It stands out because it is the only true stealth skill in the game, offering a distinct playstyle that is both enjoyable and difficult to master.

Flash Shortsword, her Ultimate ability, boasts the highest damage output and is the only AoE ability in her kit, providing a much-needed element of diversity. It allows for targeting up to 10 enemies simultaneously, dealing ranged damage and applying the Electrocution debuff for damage over time.

Understanding Abilities

  • Assassinator (Passive): Damage is boosted when targeting an enemy that is not targeting Sharen.
  • Cutoff Beam: Attack enemies to inflict damage and electrocute them.
  • Active Camouflage: Hide from enemies. The effect ends when you attack or use other skills.
  • Impact Rounds: Firing these rounds will release explosives that have a stunning effect on enemies.
  • The Flash Shortsword is designed to target and attack enemies within its aiming range by throwing multiple knives and delivering a powerful electric shock.

Sharen’s unique skill set caters to players who prefer a more covert approach, setting her apart as the sole character in The First Descendant with such abilities. She excels in close combat, but may struggle against large groups of enemies and lacks significant damage against boss enemies.

Unlocking Sharen

To unlock Sharen in The First Descendant, you can either conduct research on her with Anais in Albion or buy her from the store.

To conduct research on her, you must gather the necessary materials for crafting her Enhanced Cells, Stabilizer, and Spiral Catalyst. After obtaining her Code in the Agna Desert, you can unlock her through the research process.

It is possible to upgrade all characters in The First Descendant, but it is important to also understand how to reset your character level.

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