One Piece Anime Remake Getting Major Announcement in August

WIT Studio has not yet released any updates regarding the One Piece anime remake, however, a leaker has reported that a significant announcement will be made in August.

In December 2023, at Jump Festa 2024, WIT Studio officially announced their plans to remake the One Piece anime. The new adaptation will follow Luffy’s adventures from the very start, as he embarks on his journey to find the legendary treasure known as ‘One Piece’. Along the way, he assembles a strong and capable crew and sets off towards the Grand Line.

In a recent statement, WIT Studio president and co-founder George Wada discussed the two main concerns they are working to address: the high episode count and the 4:3 format in the earlier episodes. Since announcing the anime remake several months ago, fans have been eagerly anticipating any updates from the studio.

According to a One Piece leaker, WIT Studio will reveal information about the remake at the upcoming One Piece Day 2024 event, scheduled for August 10 and 11.

Despite the lack of clarification from the studio, the leaker has compiled a list of potential announcements. These include a teaser or trailer release date, character designs and voice actor reveals, as well as information about the project such as the number of episodes and the team working on it.

According to one fan, there is speculation that the remake will feature new Japanese voice actors. They express excitement for the upcoming release, but also acknowledge that some fans may have mixed feelings about the change. The fan hopes that the new voice actors will do justice to the original.

“It should be noted that the presence of new voice actors in this remake will not affect the ongoing Toei adaptation. In order to avoid similarities with the original, the production has made different choices in terms of casting. Otherwise, there would be no purpose in watching the remake,”explains another.

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