The Unexpected Collaboration Between Junji Ito and Hello Kitty

In an announcement on July 7, 2024, renowned horror manga artist Junji Ito revealed a partnership with the beloved fictional character, Hello Kitty. The collaboration will bring together the horror mangaka and Sanrio, the owner of the character’s design, for a limited-time pop-up store in Japan.

Junji Ito is renowned as one of the most influential horror mangaka, known for his distinct art style and ability to evoke a bone-chilling atmosphere in his manga series. In contrast, Sanrio’s Hello Kitty is a fictional white cat beloved by a massive fanbase worldwide, with a particularly strong following among children.

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Junji Ito and Hello Kitty team up for a special collaboration in Japan

The collaboration announcement showcased Tomie, a character from Junji Ito’s original manga series, Tomie, alongside a Sanrio character. The horror manga character was dressed in attire reminiscent of the Sanrio character’s signature style.

Fans can witness the exciting collaboration between the horror manga writer and Sanrio’s beloved characters at a pop-up store opening in Shinsaibashi and Shibuya, Japan. The store will showcase unique artworks that bring together the iconic characters of the horror manga creator and Sanrio, such as the famous Hello Kitty.

Reactions from the Fans on this Collaboration

Tomie by Junji Ito
Tomie by Junji Ito

A fan theorized that the collaboration was likely a result of the horror manga artist’s affection for animals, as he has mentioned his two pet cats on multiple occasions.

Interestingly, there was some confusion among fans regarding the collaboration, as they questioned whether the inclusion of the adorable Sanrio character would intensify or soften the horror manga artist’s style.

Despite being unexpected, this collaboration was highly praised by the fandom as they appreciated the contrast between these two media projects by the end of the day.

Fans took to the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) to share their thoughts on this unexpected collaboration.

“He loves cats”a fan claimed

“This tones down the horror of Ito Junji extreme levels. Or maybe it increases it?”another one showed his confusion

“The horror of a hello-kitty girl”another fan claimed

“Didn’t expect this but slaaayyyy!”another one admitted to the genius behind this collaboration

Concluding Remarks

The Yon and Mu manga series cover (Image via Kodansha)
The Yon and Mu manga series cover (Image via Kodansha)

Although this collaboration may seem unrelated at first glance, it actually makes perfect sense, as one fan has already pointed out. This is due to the horror manga artist’s love for cats, which is evident in his work titled Junji Ito’s Cat Diary: Yon & Mu. The manga revolves around the author’s everyday life as he adjusts to the company of his feline companion. This serves as the strongest evidence of his affection for cats.

Despite being based on the author’s real life, this autobiography incorporates his unique art style to add a horror element to the manga. The horror aspect is more focused on creating extreme scenes rather than being creepy. This manga series has been highly successful for the horror manga artist, especially in the Western world. However, as this information has not been officially confirmed, it should be taken with a grain of salt.

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