Yang Jae-woong Shares Details of Relationship with EXID’s Hani, Reveals She Initiated the Relationship

On July 8th, Channel A’s “Close Friend Talkcumentary- 4-person Table”will feature Yang Jae-jin, a psychiatrist with 18 years of experience.

Yang Jae-jin, accompanied by his younger brother Yang Jae-woong, who is also a renowned psychiatrist, will appear on the show and together they will invite their dear friends, Son Ho-young from g.o.d and pop columnist Kim Tae-hoon, to join them on a rooftop in Hannam-dong.

On that day, Yang Yae-jin has organized a wedding celebration for his younger brother Yang Jae-woong, who will be marrying actress and EXID member Hani this September. He has also taken care to prepare a scrumptious and nutritious spread for the soon-to-be groom.

jang jae jin jang jae woong

During the meal, Yang Jae-woong will share the complete story of his love with Hani, including how they first met, his proposal, and their plans for their honeymoon, for the first time on the show. According to the psychiatrist, Hani was the one who proposed to him, which made him feel grateful and impressed by her. He also shares that her proposal made him more confident in his decision to marry her. Yang Jae-jin, upon hearing this, praises Hani and looks forward to welcoming her into their family, saying that she is a person who brings joy to those around her.

Yang Jae-jin reveals that he feels upset about seeing his younger brother getting married first, but he fondly recalls their childhood memories and the day his brother was born. He grew up in a strict and patriarchal family and didn’t want his brother to experience the same atmosphere, so he made an effort to be a friend-like brother to him. This shows his reliable and caring nature as an older brother. In response, Yang Jae-woong expresses his deep gratitude towards his brother.

“Additionally, the program “Close Friend Talkcumentary- 4-person Table”is broadcasted every Monday at 8:10 p.m.”

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