“Running Man” Has Found Another ‘Big Hand’ Following Song Ji-hyo

The upcoming episode of the SBS variety show “Running Man”, airing on June 30th, will feature Ji Ye-eun as the “second-in-command”after Song Ji-hyo.

During the recent recording, Ji Seok-jin and Ji Ye-eun took on leadership roles and alternated in presenting ramen dishes tailored to the preferences of their fellow members. Ji Seok-jin confidently stated, “I am familiar with my members’ tastes,”while Ji Ye-eun revealed her special recipe, mentioning, “As someone who lives alone, I cook frequently.”

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As Ji Ye-eun delved into the world of cooking, she pioneered a new technique in which she incorporated generous amounts of green onions, garlic, bean sprouts, and seafood into her ramen, declaring, “It’s much tastier with an abundance of ingredients.”It has been reported that Ji Ye-eun has now gained the title of “second big hand,”following in the footsteps of Song Ji-hyo, who is famously known as the official “big hand”of the popular show “Running Man.”

Meanwhile, some members of the team offered their thoughts on how the team leaders would handle the task of cooking ramen. Some expressed concerns, while others expressed excitement, with comments such as “Ye-eun is known to be clumsy, so I wonder if that applies to cooking as well”and “I can’t wait to taste Seok-jin hyung’s ramen.”Fans of “Running Man”are eagerly anticipating whether Ji Ye-eun will be able to meet the high standards of the ramen-loving members.

You can catch a glimpse of Ji Ye-eun’s culinary prowess on the upcoming episode of “Running Man”airing at 6:15 p.m. on June 30th.

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