The Mother of Song Il-kook’s Triplets: A Look Back at the Woman Who Captivated the Nation 10 Years Ago

On the 29th, various pictures of Song Il-kook’s triplets were shared on the official social media account of “You Quiz on the Block,”a variety show on tvN. These images showed the triplets standing next to their 185 cm tall father, Song Il-kook, which amazed many viewers.

The “You Quiz”team remarked that it is often said that children grow up quickly, and this is certainly true for the triplets. They have transformed from infants into young men in what feels like a blink of an eye. Despite being triplets, each of them possesses unique personalities that never fail to charm their aunts and uncles. The team hinted at an upcoming broadcast featuring the triplets.


In 2014, KBS2’s “The Return of Superman”unveiled the triplets’ daily life, garnering much love from viewers. The broadcast also provided glimpses of Song Il-kook’s apartment, showcasing the pleasant scenery of the Songdo area and its elegant interior décor, which captured the attention of viewers.

Despite initial speculation that Song Il-kook’s children were female twins, it has been revealed that they are in fact all boys. This has only added to the curiosity surrounding Song Il-kook’s wife. In March of last year, Song Il-kook made an appearance on SBS’s “Shoes Off, Single for Men”(referred to as “Single for Men”hereafter) and shared insights into his relationship and marriage with his wife.

Reflecting on their initial encounter, he recalled, “It was on Liberation Day. We were introduced by an entertainment journalist. It was during the peak of the drama ‘Jumong’ when it had a viewership rating close to 50%.”

Song Il-gook

He went on to say, “During that period, my wife was incredibly occupied and had turned down numerous blind dates. However, she agreed to meet me out of a sense of obligation. It just so happened that I had no filming scheduled for that day. It seemed like fate stepped in as the script for the following day was postponed. When we finally met, we instantly clicked and ended up spending the entire day together, from lunchtime until midnight.”

Jung Seung-yeon, who is married to Song Il-kook since 2008 and together they have triplets Daehan, Minguk, and Manse, is recognized as a judge. However, their marriage was put into question when she was relocated to the Suncheon branch of the Gwangju District Court.

She is a 47-year-old graduate of both the Law Department and Graduate School of Law at Seoul National University. In 2019, she played a joint role in the initial trial verdict regarding the ‘Burning Sun Gate incident.’ Song Il-kook’s family background includes being the grandson of Kim Du-han, the son of General Kim Jwa-jin, and his mother is Kim Eul-dong. He also has a brother named Song Song.

The episode of “You Quiz”featuring Song Il-kook’s triplets is set to air on July 3.

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