Saving The Hag’s Victims and Getting the Hair Boon in BG3

Auntie Ethel, also known as The Hag, has gained a reputation as an iconic figure in Baldur’s Gate 3. You come across her numerous times, and the initial encounter takes you to her lair where she holds innocent victims captive – with a possibility of rescuing them and obtaining the Hair Boon.

Auntie Ethel is a fascinating character in Baldur’s Gate 3, and her story is prominent throughout the entire game. The first encounter with her takes place in the swamp during Act 1, and upon discovering her lair, the vivid atrocities she commits on others are revealed.

Many players may be unaware that by killing her, it is possible to rescue all of her victims from their suffering.

“According to ‘Carsismi’ on Reddit, the only two victims that cannot be saved from the Hag are the decapitated girl and the blind lady, who are already deceased. However, all other victims can be rescued.”

One way to accomplish this is by cornering Auntie Ethel in her Teahouse before she has a chance to escape to her hideout. Locate the hidden entrance, cleverly disguised as a fireplace, and apply Arcane Lock to secure it.

Mayrina in the Gnarled Cage in The Hag's Lair Baldur's Gate
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Make sure you get Auntie Ethel’s HP down enough before Mayrina’s cage burns.

The main concern with this approach is that you won’t be able to obtain the Hair from Auntie Ethel, which is typically obtained by following her into her lair when she escapes. In order to rescue the victims, she must be killed in this location.

Alternatively, a different player revealed a method for killing Auntie Ethel, obtaining her Hair Boon reward, and rescuing her victims.

  1. It is important that you do not harm the masked victims you come across upon entering her lair. Instead, utilize stealth or invisibility to avoid them.
  2. Begin the battle against Auntie Ethel, but make sure to leave one of your party members out of the fight.
  3. Lower her HP until she initiates a conversation with you.
  4. Successfully complete all the checks and select your Hair Boon.
  5. Before proceeding with the conversation, switch to the character who is not currently in combat.
  6. Make sure to stealthily approach and eliminate her in one shot, as she will teleport away if given the chance.

After Ethel temporarily dies here, you will have successfully rescued any victims from her curse, saved Mayrina, and acquired the Hair Boon, which grants a +1 boost to the stat of your choosing.

Don’t forget to weaken Auntie Ethel’s HP before Mayrina’s cage breaks and collapses, or else she will also perish here. Additionally, be well-prepared for this battle, as it is one of the toughest encounters in Act 1.

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