What is the Red Larva Oi Oi Oi Meme on TikTok?

Red Larva, a character from a South Korean TV show, has become a trending meme on TikTok. Users are creating videos and memes by combining the character with a popular Japanese song.

Currently, the hashtag “oioioi”has amassed over 578K posts, while the hashtag “larva”has more than 90,000 posts on TikTok. Most of the videos that feature both hashtags are related to the Red Larva character.

However, where did the fascination with the character on TikTok originate from?

What is the Red Larva on TikTok?

Red Larva Oi Oi Oi is a popular internet meme that originated from a Misheard Speech Bubble, featuring Red, one of the main characters from the South Korean animated series Larva. The show follows the adventures of two larvae, one yellow and one red, as they navigate through various comedic situations.

Red Larva, the character depicted in the meme, is known for his fiery temper and tendency to become easily annoyed. This trait is clearly evident in the expression captured in the meme.

Red Larva is performing the Japanese lyrics of the song “OI OI OI Bakugou”by La Memerano in the meme.

Where Does the Red Larva Meme Originate From?

Prior to the popularity of the “Oi Oi Oi”meme featuring Red Larva, TikTokers had already been sharing other viral videos featuring the character and the song.

On March 30, 2024, a video was posted by TikTok user lxvqlin featuring the My Hero Academia character Katsuki Bakugo with a caption stating: “How I feel when I accidentally type ‘Oi’ instead of ‘Oh’.”


#MemeCut #Meme #MemeCut #joke #cringetok #bakugou #myheroacademia #fypシ

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The video featured the song “OI OI OI Bakugou”by La Memerano, which includes a sample of Bakugo exclaiming “Oi oi oi.”This resulted in its rapid spread, reaching over 1.5 million views, and was soon followed by other videos with a similar style.

One week after lxvqlin’s video, another TikTok user, jmystify, posted a video with a similar concept. However, instead of typing “oh”correctly, they mistakenly typed “ok”and featured Red Larva instead of the My Hero Academia character. This post gained over 19.1 million views and popularized the meme. Currently, it is the earliest known instance of the Red Larva “Oi Oi Oi”meme.


oi oi oi 👾 #oioioi #zyxcba #xyzbca #fyp

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The viral meme quickly made its way from TikTok to various other social media platforms. A TikTok user uploaded a video only a few days after the meme’s creation, demonstrating how they shared the Red Larva image with someone on WhatsApp after receiving a message saying “oi oi oi.”

Just days after its emergence, the oi oi oi meme evolved into a trend featuring misheard song lyrics in speech bubbles. On April 17, TikTok user wenomilk shared a post with a picture of Red Larva and a speech bubble that played “OI OI OI Bakugou”while displaying incorrect lyrics, mostly consisting of nonsensical words. The only accurate lines in the bubble were “oi oi oi.”


oi oi oi #oioioi #larva #speachbubble

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Recently, TikTok has seen an influx of viral meme characters, not just limited to the Red Larva. In the year 2023, the platform was inundated with various memes featuring a blue Smurf cat, a unique creature resembling a combination of a Smurf, a cat, and a mushroom.

In more recent times, a baby gained widespread attention as the “fully conscious baby”due to a heartwarming video of a one-year-old child’s enthusiastic reaction to visiting the Four Seasons resort in Orlando.

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