SEVENTEEN Hoshi Goes Viral For His Action During The Boycott Controversy

Despite the ongoing global boycott of certain brands, SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi has garnered attention from fans for his recent actions, demonstrating a heightened level of awareness amidst the controversies surrounding these companies.

The global boycott, primarily driven by concerns about the ongoing genocide in Palestine, has resulted in the rejection of brands associated with controversial matters, whether directly or indirectly.

Starbucks, a well-known coffee chain, has recently come under scrutiny, particularly among K-Pop idols who have long been fans of the brand.

Nevertheless, due to recent events, it has been noted that more idols are choosing alternative coffee choices, indicating an increasing awareness among the entertainment industry.

Hoshi pleasantly surprised his devoted fanbase, known as CARATs, on June 5 with a live broadcast where he interacted with them.

As the broadcast continued, Hoshi took a sip of his coffee, which was most likely given to him by his manager either before or after a schedule. He then stopped to examine the logo on the cup.

Although the logo’s green color may remind some of boycotted brands, astute observers pointed out that it actually belonged to a local Korean coffee brand.

The moment, which was caught on camera and posted on social media platforms such as TikTok, received immediate acclaim from online users.

Hoshi’s subtle yet meaningful gesture was met with applause, with many interpreting it as a demonstration of his awareness of the ongoing boycott.

In an era where idols are facing heightened scrutiny for their behavior, Hoshi’s consideration for the brand of coffee he drank struck a chord with fans, showcasing a larger movement of idols becoming more aware of social issues.

In addition, the occurrence happened at the same time as Glastonbury Festival’s efforts to gather donations for Gaza, a cause that SEVENTEEN is actively backing by taking part in the event.

The positioning of Hoshi’s actions in relation to the band’s participation in philanthropic efforts highlighted the increasing influence of K-Pop artists in advocating for social causes.

Despite some individuals expressing a wish for idols to openly address these issues, the intricacies and limitations within the K-Pop industry pose challenges in determining the degree to which artists can publicly discuss political matters.

Despite this, Hoshi’s choice of coffee still serves as a gentle reminder of the industry’s overall awareness and conscientiousness, prompting discussions about the challenges and restrictions that idols face when addressing sensitive issues.

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