SEVENTEEN’s Missing Pieces: The Story of Their Four Almost-Members — Read Here

In the fast-paced realm of K-pop, SEVENTEEN remains a powerhouse, known for their distinct combination of skills and 13-member roster.

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Despite the passing of time and changes, it should not be forgotten that their journey to stardom was originally planned with 17 promising individuals.

As the group celebrates its accomplishments, the tales of the 4 members who left before their debut provide a touching look into their separate journeys.

Doyoon Jang

Despite being born in 1995, Jang Doyoon was still considered as a potential leader and the eldest member of SEVENTEEN.

Jang Doyoon
Jang Doyoon

Prior to becoming a member of Pledis Entertainment, he had been selected for a different group that ultimately did not materialize.

In the end, Doyoon’s love for acting resulted in his departure from the agency in 2014.

Despite facing obstacles, he persisted in pursuing roles in dramatic productions such as “The Promise”and “My Sweet Dear,”ultimately gaining fame as a regular cast member on “Saturday Night Live Korea.”

Yao Mingming (also known as Yao Bonan)

During his time at Pledis Entertainment from 2012 to 2014, Yao Mingming, who is originally from China, impressed with his exceptional dance abilities.

Yao Mingming
Yao Mingming

Even after his departure, Mingming continued to have a significant impact in the industry.

His appearance on “MIXNINE”brought him recognition, ultimately leading to his debut with UNINE.

As a solo artist under the name Yao Bonan, Mingming continues to be recognized and admired for his talent and commitment.

Shin Dongjin is the name of the person mentioned in the paragraph.

The departure of Shin Dongjin in 2014 was a significant turning point for the younger members of the original lineup.

Shin Dongjin
Shin Dongjin (Photo: Instagram)

His choice to prioritize education was prompted by rumors that generated disagreement and cast doubt on his potential for success in the entertainment industry.

Dongjin’s later endeavors have predominantly remained undisclosed, resulting in a legacy colored by speculation and unrealized possibilities.

Samuel Kim remains the same.

Undoubtedly one of the most memorable figures among those who have left, Samuel Kim captured the hearts of many during his tenure at Pledis Entertainment from 2012 to 2013.

Samuel Kim
Samuel Kim(Photo : Instagram)

Despite being only 11 years old, Samuel’s family concerns led to his departure. However, he remained determined and began a diverse musical journey, transitioning from 1punch to pursuing a solo career.

Despite facing setbacks, he persevered and his resilience stood out, garnering him praise and backing from his fellow SEVENTEEN members as he continues to make progress in his individual career.

Every member’s departure from SEVENTEEN’s original lineup led them on unique journeys, exposing the intricacies and obstacles of the highly competitive K-pop industry.

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