MW3 AR that Everyone Hates Actually Has Fastest TTK in Warzone

Despite being one of the most overlooked assault rifles in Modern Warfare 3, this gun actually boasts the “best TTK”in Warzone and requires no special tricks to acquire it.

In recent weeks, the Warzone meta has experienced significant shifts. With the release of the Season 4 Reloaded update, the dominance of the KAR98K and Superi 46 has been greatly reduced. Additionally, Modern Warfare 2 weapons have received some much-needed attention, and there are now several new guns to consider, some of which may have been previously overlooked.

The Rapp H, STB 556, and M16 have all been recognized as excellent choices in the battle royale, and they have recently been joined by the Sidewinder.

Despite its overwhelming public criticism, the assault rifle remains one of the most efficient weapons in Warzone when it comes to Time to Kill. This has been pointed out by popular YouTuber, WhosImmortal, who has once again highlighted its impressive capabilities.

In his July 7 video, the YouTuber stated that this particular item has a superior damage range compared to other rifles. He also mentioned that with the use of specific attachments, this range can be extended even further. According to him, this item is undoubtedly the best and surpasses all others. He also noted that aiming down sight will be necessary for a large portion of the time.

“Although it has a slightly earlier drop-off, this rifle dominates in the mid-range and surpasses all other weapons to become the top TTK rifle in this group, which is known as the main meta rifles. Additionally, its headshot multiplier is absolutely insane.”

  • Muzzle: Tempus GH50
  • Lower barrel: Bruen Pivot Vertical grip
  • Optic: Corio Eagleseye 2.5x
  • Ammunition: 450 Huntsman High Grain
  • Magazine: 30-round drum

According to WhosImmortal, the rifle has gained a lot of attention in memes over the past few months. While it may be difficult to use at times, if you are able to hit your shots with it, it can be a valuable tool.

The YouTuber points out that the Sidewinder has long been ridiculed, but it is not significantly different from the current popular weapons. In fact, it has begun to climb the ranks in WZRanked and currently holds the 25th spot for most used gun.

The AR ought to be used more frequently, so if you have sufficiently upgraded it, consider giving it a try.

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