One Piece: The Upcoming Event That Will Shock the World More Than the Egghead Arc

As the highly anticipated Egghead Arc in One Piece draws to a close, the editor has confirmed that an upcoming event will “astonish the entire world.”

Despite the fact that the poneglyphs, Joyboy, and the Ancient Weapons are well-known among fans, the knowledge of these elusive objects remains limited to only a select few individuals in the expansive universe of One Piece. The message from Vegapunk exposes hidden truths that the Gorosei had always intended to keep hidden from the public.

Despite the varying reactions from people around the world, Eiichiro Oda consistently portrays them as either shocked or disbelieving. There are even some who mock Vegapunk. However, Eiichiro Oda remains the only one who openly addresses the topic of the Void Century. While the message persists, the Gorosei continue their battle against the pirates.

During a recent interview, the One Piece manga editor discusses an upcoming event that is bound to surprise the world.

Eiichiro Oda’s editor for One Piece, Kaito Anayama, confirms that there will be a significant event in the conclusion of the Egghead storyline. However, there is still one more major surprise in store. Anayama remains tight-lipped about any further details, fearing the consequences of revealing too much.

Despite there being a few months before the start of the Elbaf Arc, it has been revealed that Egghead will conclude with a major plot twist that will send shockwaves throughout the world. The editor’s statement hints that the twist may involve Vegapunk’s message.

Nevertheless, PewPiece, a well-known leaker of One Piece, has confirmed that the Egghead arc is currently causing a lot of anticipation with the upcoming Vegapunk broadcast. However, according to a recent interview with the One Piece editor, an even more significant event is on the horizon.

According to one fan, “Egghead is currently ranked as my second favorite arc in terms of narrative, but based on how it is unfolding, I have a feeling it may become my absolute favorite.”

“Another individual, expresses excitement for the upcoming Egghead incident and is eagerly anticipating what Oda has in store for us.”

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