Warzone Leak Reveals Unlimited Tac Sprint Returns with Black Ops 6, but There’s a Catch

A recent Warzone leak has disclosed that the game will reintroduce unlimited Tactical Sprint in 2024 when it merges with Black Ops 6. However, it will not function in the same way as it did during the Verdansk era.

A report from ‘BobNetworkUK’ on X states that in the era of battle royale, unlimited Tac Sprint will require a Perk. This means that one must either equip it in their loadout or find it while looting in order to have the ability to sprint infinitely without needing to stop and recharge a stamina bar.

If the leak proves to be accurate, it will mark another milestone for the movement mechanics that fans fondly recall from the original Warzone on Verdnansk. Back then, all players had the ability to Tac Sprint without restriction, eliminating the need for a Perk.

The feature was eliminated upon the release of Warzone 2.0, but the developers have already tested its reinstatement.

Before the Season 4 update, one of the powerups that could be obtained in the High Trip Resurgence LTM was through collecting Gummies. However, the update introduced Tactical Sprint Boots, an item found exclusively in Bunkers, which grants unlimited Tac Sprint.

The trial runs have received positive feedback, with numerous players advocating for its inclusion as a permanent feature. However, according to reports, the developers believe it would be more suitable as an optional Perk.

The future of Double Time, a Perk that extends the duration of Tactical Sprint in the current game, is uncertain. The addition of a limitless Tac Sprint Perk may result in its relocation or removal from its current slot. Only time will reveal the outcome.

According to past releases, it is expected that Black Ops 6 will combine with Warzone during Season 1, which typically debuts in early December. During this time, all of the game’s weapons will be incorporated into the battle royale, along with any MW3 and MW2 content that is carried over.

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