Shy Season 2 Complete Release Schedule

One of the most eagerly awaited anime sequels of the upcoming Summer 2024 season is undoubtedly Shy season 2, following the first season of the anime which was praised despite its low profile. Created by Eight Bit studios (stylized as 8bit), the series debuted with a 12-episode first season in October 2023 and concluded in mid-December of the same year.

Similarly, as the initial episode of season 2 has already been aired, fans are eager to discover the comprehensive release information for Shy season 2. This encompasses the number of episodes, anticipated release dates for each episode, and other details. Fortunately, all of this information has been officially verified, barring any unexpected delays for the show. Stay tuned as this article dissects the complete release schedule for the highly awaited anime continuation.

How many episodes will Season 2 of Shy have?

According to the most recent updates, it is anticipated that Shy season 2 will consist of 12 episodes. This confirmation was made prior to the premiere of the first season. From a technical standpoint, season 2 is essentially the second part of season 1, which was announced to have a total of 24 episodes. However, since the two parts are not airing one after the other, the second part is informally being referred to as the second season.

The first episode of the second season officially aired on Tuesday, July 2, 2024 at 12:30 AM Japanese Standard Time (JST). The anime was broadcasted on the TV Tokyo network and its affiliated stations.

The current schedule for the full release of Shy season 2 is based on the timings of Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), British Summer Time (BST), and India Standard Time (IST).



Release timings (PDT/BST/IST)

1 (Released)

Monday, July 1, 2024


2 (Released)

Monday, July 8, 2024



Monday, July 15, 2024



Monday, July 22, 2024



Monday, July 29, 2024



Monday, August 5, 2024



Monday, August 12, 2024



Monday, August 19, 2024



Monday, August 26, 2024



Monday, September 2, 2024



Monday, September 9, 2024



Monday, September 16, 2024


Despite the table above listing the predicted full release schedule for the series, any significant delays announced by the series for one of its episodes could impact this schedule. For instance, if episode 3 is postponed by one week, then episodes 4-12 will also be delayed by one week. However, as of the time this article was written, there have been no reports of any production delays from Eight Bit.

Where to Watch the Second Episode of Shy Season 2

Shy season 2 is set to continue Unilord and co's battle against Stigma and Amarariruku (Image via Eight Bit)
Shy season 2 is set to continue Unilord and co’s battle against Stigma and Amarariruku (Image via Eight Bit)

The series is currently being broadcasted weekly on the TV Tokyo channel and its partner stations in Japan. Each episode will also be made available for streaming approximately 24 hours after its initial release. Japanese viewers can access these streams through U-NEXT and d Anime Store services. Additionally, the following Friday after an episode’s release, it will become available on other streaming platforms in Japan such as ABEMA Premium, Unlimited Anime, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, DMM TV, and others.

International viewers will have the opportunity to stream the episode on Crunchyroll after it has been broadcasted in Japan. The streaming service has already announced this in their Spring 2024 lineup news. Along with the original Japanese audio, Crunchyroll will also offer dubbed versions in English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and German.

Asian fans who are unable to access the series on Crunchyroll can still rely on Muse Asia, as it was officially announced a few weeks ago. While Indian viewers will have the option to stream on Crunchyroll, fans from other Asian regions may need to turn to Muse Asia’s YouTube channel for streaming.

What to expect from the second season of Shy

After facing off against Stigma and Amarariruku in season 1, Teru and his team are gearing up for new battles in season 2. The upcoming season will introduce both new allies and enemies, as Stigma’s strength has been shown to be formidable. This is evidenced by the numerous new cast members joining the series, hinting at the introduction of several new characters.

Despite this, Teru’s attention will likely shift to domestic affairs in Japan, as some of the recently introduced characters aid in whatever plans Stigma has in store for Teru’s home country. This is reinforced by the second season trailers, which depict Japan being targeted by Stigma and one of his apparent new allies.

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