Worst timed official marketing ever — Fans despair over My Hero Academia X Pizza-la collab

The collaboration between My Hero Academia and Pizza-La for marketing purposes has led to a highly successful campaign that is gaining significant attention online. It is common for various brands in Japan to join forces with anime and manga franchises. Among these brands, Pizza-La is a well-known pizza chain in Japan, second only to Domino’s in terms of popularity.

The recent My Hero Academia X Pizza-La collaboration has produced an advertisement showcasing Deku dressed in a Pizza-La uniform. While collaborations between the two have occurred before, this specific campaign is gaining a lot of attention, unfortunately for negative reasons.

Despite the poor timing of this campaign, it coincides with the fanbase’s strong reaction to the contents of the latest chapter. In fact, one fan went as far as to call it the “worst-timed official marketing ever.”Let’s examine the current opinions of the fanbase regarding Deku and how it has impacted the My Hero Academia X Pizza-La advertising campaign.

Please be aware that this article includes major spoilers from the manga chapters.

Why Fans Believe That the My Hero Academia X Pizza-La Collaboration Came at a Bad Time

As the manga transitions into the epilogue phase of the story, the fate of Deku is finally revealed. Following his intense battle against Tomura Shigaraki and AFO, he will no longer possess the One For All Quirk. This loss is devastating, as it was one of the strongest Quirks in the series and leaves Deku with limited abilities.

In similar situations, internet users frequently turn to creating memes and trolling the characters. Deku was not immune to this phenomenon, as many believed his abilities were only suited for working at a fast-food restaurant. This gained significant attention online, with fans envisioning Deku as either a pizza delivery driver or a burger chef.

The collaboration between My Hero Academia and Pizza-La followed an already-established trend, portraying Deku as a pizza delivery agent. This illustration was highly amusing for manga readers, as it brought a beloved and comical image to reality. However, anime-only fans may not comprehend why the advertising campaign was ill-timed, as the adaptation has not yet reached that point in the story.

How the fanbase reacted to the aforementioned collaboration

“Deku not beating the fast food worker post-series allegations,”said one fan.

“Wait, why?,”said another.

“”I used to be a real hero!”Just put my pizza in the box bro…,”said one netizen.

It is evident that fans are embracing the fast-food trend, but Deku’s depiction in the My Hero Academia X Pizza-La illustration is not doing him any favors. Consequently, without his Quirk, Deku may not be able to offer much assistance. Fans were saddened and felt sympathetic towards the character upon seeing him as a fast-food worker.

“I envy those who are oblivious to this,”said one fan.

“Easily the worst f****** timing in the universe,”said another.

“Hori must be aware of memes,”said one netizen.

Despite not knowing the fate of their beloved protagonist in the series, manga readers still felt envious of the anime-only fanbase. Additionally, some fans were quick to point out the timing of a recent campaign, leading them to believe that creator Kohei Horikoshi may have been aware of the popular memes. Nevertheless, fans of this shonen title were thoroughly entertained by the campaign.

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