SM Faces Backlash For ‘AI-Generating’ Taeyong In NCT 127’s Track Video: ‘This Is Dangerous’

The teaser released by SM Entertainment for NCT 127 was not well received by fans.

On July 8, NCT 127 made their “Intro: Wall to Wall”teaser available on their official social media accounts. The teaser is a preview of the track video for their sixth mini album “WALK,”set to be released on July 15 at 6 p.m., KST. Furthermore, the post also includes a link for pre-orders.

Despite this, the company faced backlash from fans due to certain gestures. For instance, in one scene of the track video, several consecutive photos of “Taeyong”were displayed. Numerous fans believed that these images were possibly created by SM Entertainment using AI to represent Taeyong.

To obtain further details, it should be noted that Taeyong joined the military on April 15 and was bid farewell by his fellow bandmates.

Fans on social media platform X (Twitter) have expressed their outrage towards SM Entertainment. They have called out the agency for their use of AI to replicate real people, and have also pointed out that Taeyong was not included in a list of names.

The majority of responses to the post were negative, with fans criticizing the agency for their lack of respect and exploitation. You can read some of their reactions below.

  • “Most of this MV is top-notch and stylish, but I think you ruin it by using AI imagery of Taeyong. Please re-edit the MV to include an actual old picture of Taeyong during concerts.”
  • “There’s no need to take lazy shortcuts that lower the quality and are disrespectful to the artists.”

Taeyong recently addressed NCT’s partnership with Starbucks on his Instagram Stories, amidst the coffee brand’s inclusion on BDS’ boycott list due to the ongoing conflict in Palestine.

Despite numerous protests and concerns expressed to SM Entertainment, Taeyong chose to show his disapproval through a now-deleted Instagram Story featuring a pitch-black photo and the word “Boycott”as the caption.

This quickly caught the interest of netizens, who commended Taeyong for seemingly expressing his stance on the matter.

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