Sneako hits back as Corinna Kopf Slams Him for Criticizing Sketch

After being called out by Corinna Kopf for his comments on Sketch, Sneako responded by accusing her of being “selective”and further asserting his belief that Sketch is “disingenuous.”

On July 8, Sketch, a well-known Twitch personality, went live and acknowledged that he was the individual depicted in several leaks that surfaced that day. He revealed that the recordings were made a few years ago, when he was struggling with addiction.

Despite receiving support from many members of the community, such as his friends in FaZe Clan, Jynxzi, and others, Sketch also faced ridicule, jokes, and even accusations of ulterior motives.

Following the launch of Sketch’s admission, Sneako stated that the streamer was “not authentic”and should have been honest about his past. He also commented that keeping it a secret was “unbelievable.”

Upon viewing the video on Twitter/X, Corinna retorted, “Sneako, please stop talking. Just because someone didn’t openly reveal their relationships once they gained popularity on social media, does not make them disingenuous. Your statement reflects a lack of understanding.”

Sneako quickly became aware of Corinna’s criticism and promptly addressed it while streaming live on his channel.

“He accused Corinna of selectively remembering things. He pointed out that Sketch had pretended to have a disability, going from a well-known homosexual performer to a dishonest streamer pretending to be autistic. That was the part that lacked sincerity.”

“Having a good heart does not necessarily mean being authentic. It is important to not simply focus on the fact that he lied about his previous life, which occurred two years ago. He was a completely different person using an alias and did not disclose his disability. If he had been truly authentic, we would have been aware of these details.”

He further stated that responding to her would only result in her gaining more subscribers and subsequently attracting more 12-year-old boys who would become fans of “Sketch”.

At the time of writing, Corinna has yet to publicly respond to Sneako’s latest comments.

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