The First Descendant Players Celebrate as Developers Announce Hard Dungeon Matchmaking

The Infiltration Operations Dungeons in The First Descendant are currently the only content in the game without a public matchmaking service. As a solution, the developers have announced a new hotfix that will add the mission feature to this activity.

In The First Descendant, every activity has its own loot pool. The drops you receive upon completing a mission will depend on the level of difficulty you choose for that particular activity.

Playing Infiltration Operations on Hard mode increases the likelihood of obtaining higher quality loot upon completing the mission. As there was no matchmaking, players faced challenges completing the activity alone, leading many to give up on the game when they encountered this obstacle.

After receiving feedback, the developers have announced on X that they are currently working on a hotfix to implement matchmaking for the Public Infiltration Operation on Hard mode.

Despite the hotfix not being released yet, players are eagerly anticipating this change and have already expressed gratitude to the developers for taking into account the community’s feedback.

During a recent discussion, one player expressed, “I am impressed by the positive changes being implemented by the team. As long as you continue to listen to the community, this game will be fantastic.”Another player chimed in, “I must commend the exceptional communication between Nexon and the community. Thank you to everyone at Nexon once again.”

The inclusion of public matchmaking in the endgame activities on Hard mode has resulted in players believing that the game’s longevity will be extended. This is because they are now able to tackle tougher challenges without the need to assemble a team beforehand.

They are also convinced that implementing matchmaking will attract back the players who had previously left upon discovering the lack of a system in Hard mode.

While all Descendants are usable in The First Descendant’s activities, the most effective characters, such as Bunny, Gley, and Jayber, are recommended regardless of the activity’s difficulty level.

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