Longlegs Director Discusses One Fear He Avoided

Despite being a fictional film, Longlegs has an occult coding system and includes realistic FBI murder case files, as well as Nicolas Cage’s unique portrayal of a serial killer. These elements may lead one to believe that they were influenced by true crime.

“He expressed to us, ‘The thought of dealing with this kind of situation in real life is the last thing I want. It truly frightens me.’”

Instead of focusing on true crime cases, the filmmaker’s intention was to use Longlegs as a gateway into a different world.

The focus was not only on remembering the movie Silence of the Lambs and the emotions it evoked, but also on using it as a gateway to enter a new world. It was an invitation to step into the world that we could construct.

“I didn’t conduct any research, but that’s the beauty of my job – I get to use my imagination and make things up. I rely on my intuition and say, ‘Maybe it’s this.’”

“She praised the script for its extensive content, noting that the detailed descriptions and thoughtfully written scenes by Oz were particularly beneficial and aided in her performance.”

“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, as well as Silence of the Lambs, were both influential in their own ways.”

Monroe continued, stating that the process of drawing from various sources to create a unique character was enjoyable, and that this role was likely one of their favorites within the genre.

Cinemas will be showing Longlegs starting on July 12.

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