Unsolved Mysteries Season 4 Drops Trailer – But Netflix Fans Have One Major Issue

“Unsolved Mysteries Season 4 will be available on Netflix starting July 31, but the popular true crime anthology series has already received criticism for its short length.”

Ever since 2020, the streaming service has expanded its range of popular documentaries to include the realm of ‘unsolvable’ true crime.

A revival of the immensely popular 1987 series, Unsolved Mysteries has already showcased notable cases such as the 1969 Berkshire UFO incident, the mysterious death of John P. Wheeler III, and the reported ghosts of Ishinomaki following the 2011 tsunami in Japan.

Despite the inclusion of historic horror icons like Jack the Ripper, fans of the binge-worthy TV show will have less content to look forward to in Season 4, as it will only consist of five episodes.

Despite the previous seasons having six episodes each, Season 1 and 2 were followed by a much longer Season 3 with nine episodes. This information was revealed in the new trailer and has disappointed Unsolved Mysteries fans who were used to the longer seasons.

“Jack the Ripper? Are you serious? After only five episodes, you chose a topic that has already been extensively researched and covered by numerous shows and channels,”one YouTube comment expresses.

“Another individual chimed in, stating, “Only five episodes? That doesn’t seem like enough, we were hoping for at least 10.”The third person added, “It’s about time, but I was hoping for more than just five episodes. That will only last me a couple of afternoons.”

Despite reaching the peak of its success, Unsolved Mysteries was originally released on a weekly basis and aired for a total of 15 seasons before transitioning to a streaming TV show on Netflix.

Fans have not only expressed their preference for the program to return to this format, but they have also brought up another concern regarding the legitimacy of the unsolved mysteries.

One fan posted on Reddit, questioning whether information will be deliberately withheld in order to maintain the mysterious nature of the show, as seen in past episodes such as the one involving the girl on the train tracks where important details were left out, making suicide seem

Another person added, “I agree. The previous season lacked significant information to create a sense of mystery.”

Another person expressed disappointment, stating, “The new Unsolved Mysteries is in name only. It lacks the essence of what made the original show a cultural sensation. The original show was like reliving childhood memories, sitting around a campfire and listening to spooky tales.”

This experience is similar to aimlessly browsing through TV channels in search of something interesting to watch. It lacks any sense of mystery or intrigue.

Mark your calendars for July 31, as that’s when Unsolved Mysteries Season 4 will be released on Netflix. In the meantime, be sure to catch up on The Man With 1000 Kids, Worst Roommate Ever Season 2, and the infamous Ashley Madison case.

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