Successful Businesswoman T-ara’s Hyomin Shows Of Sexy & Glamorous Body Figure

On June 30th, Hyomin shared multiple photos on her social media account. She excitedly announced, “Our WELCOME SUMMER PARTY with our dear partners was a huge success. It feels like just yesterday we were having our winter launch party. Now that it’s summer, we couldn’t resist throwing an incredible event featuring the ‘queen of summer’.”

“She expressed her gratitude to our collaboration brands, the amazing Bayantree Oasis, and all those who attended the party. She sincerely thanks you and expresses her love to you all.”


The recently released photos caused a stir as they featured Hyomin confidently displaying her toned physique in a green bikini. Notably, her hourglass figure was the highlight of the images.

In the meantime, Hyomin has become a member of the girl group T-ara and is currently engaging with fans via her personal YouTube channel. She has also recently ventured into the liquor industry with her own business.

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