Suho and Irene: Just Friends or Something More?

EXO’s Suho and Red Velvet’s Irene took fans on a trip down memory lane during their joint appearance at aespa’s concert. The two idols, who have always been known for their strong bond, were seen sitting side by side at the opening night of the show in Seoul. This sparked speculation and reignited past “ship” theories among fans.

Over time, the close bond and shared age between Suho and Irene have sparked persistent speculation about a romantic relationship. Their undeniable chemistry on stage only adds to the fascination, as fans marvel at their undeniable chemistry. With their recent appearance together, fans were reminded of the friendly dynamic that has become synonymous with the two.

exo suho irene
exo suho irene

At SM Entertainment, artists are known for their strong camaraderie and support for one another. It is common for them to attend each other’s concerts, and this was also the case at a Super Junior concert in 2017, where Suho and Irene were seen sitting together. This recent concert brought back memories of that moment, and fans were delighted to see them compared to aespa member Karina’s supportive parents. It added to their amusement and enjoyment of the event.

Despite the privacy surrounding their relationship, fans undoubtedly appreciate the friendly interactions between Suho and Irene. Whether their bond is purely platonic or something more, their supportive presence at aespa’s concert undoubtedly brought joy to many fans.

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