Surprise Rookie from aespa’s Concert Sparks Discussion: Fans Call for Her Debut

After aespa’s performance in Seoul, the “Surprise Rookie”from SM Entertainment is receiving recognition from K-pop fans.

On June 29 and 30, aespa began their “2024 aespa LIVE TOUR – SYNK: PARALLEL LINE in Seoul”and connected with their Korean supporters.

The concert, as indicated by the subtitle, is based on the concept of aespa’s expanded worldview, featuring a performance reminiscent of a theatrical production brought to life by the four members.

THIS SM 'Surprise Rookie' Who Appeared in aespa's Concert Becomes Hot Topic: 'We Need Her Debut Now'
(Photo : aespa, naevis (Herald Economy))

Commencing with the Seoul concert, aespa will proceed with their global tour, covering a total of 14 regions in Asia and Australia. These include Fukuoka, Nagoya, Saitama, Singapore, and Osaka in July; followed by Hong Kong, Taipei, Tokyo, Jakarta, and Sydney in August; and concluding with Melbourne, Macau, and Bangkok in September. Plans are also in place to extend the tour to the Americas and Europe in the beginning of next year.

During the Seoul event, both MYs (fandom) and celebrities, including SM Entertainment artists, showed their support for the quartet. In fact, the upcoming members of SM’s new girl group were also in attendance, causing a stir at the venue.

Despite being amongst other trainees, there was a particular individual known as the “surprise rookie”who had the opportunity to perform alongside aespa before her official debut. This left the audience in awe and resulted in many jaw-dropping moments.

THIS SM 'Surprise Rookie' Who Appeared in aespa's Concert Becomes Hot Topic: 'We Need Her Debut Now'
(Photo : naevis (News1))

The newcomer who made an appearance was none other than the virtual artist, nævis!

Specifically, referred to as naevis, she is a digital persona that serves as a supporting character in aespa’s narrative. During the concert finale, the virtual idol made a grand appearance on the big screen, receiving high praise such as:

“I had goosebumps.”

“It’s shocking.”

“Who’s the girl next to aespa?”

Without a doubt, naevis garnered attention by showcasing her singing and dancing skills on a massive screen, utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to create both her movements and vocals. Prior to this, she was featured on aespa’s third full-length album, “Welcome To My World.”

The impact of naevis was highlighted by the K-media outlet, Herald Economy, on July 8, as reported by their article.

“There is interest in whether nævis, who is in a supporting role, will be able to surpass the artists in the future. SM Entertainment has even included nævis’ name in the lineup of solo artists to be released in the third quarter of this year.”

Despite not being a real person, naevis gained prominence among K-pop enthusiasts following her appearance in aespa’s popular track, “Savage,”where she is referenced with the iconic line, “My naevis, we love you.”

Her virtuous image, captivating appearance, and generous actions towards aespa have caused K-pop fandoms to view her as a virtual goddess, leading to high anticipation for her solo debut.

As a result of naevis’ influence, the initial negative perception of virtual artists shifted, sparking a new trend in the music industry. Following SM’s lead, other prominent entertainment agencies also began introducing virtual idols, including HYBE, which recently debuted SYNDI8 under its subsidiary, Supertone.

MAVE, a popular virtual girl group, and PLAVE, a boy group, have both played a significant role in elevating the status of idol groups in the music industry.

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