THIS 4th-Gen Idol Sentenced to 10 Years for Deadly Drunk Driving Accident

Yesong, a former K-Pop idol who now works as a DJ, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison by Seoul’s Central District Court after being involved in a fatal drunk driving accident.

The ruling represents the end of the legal process that has captured the interest of the public since the incident took place.

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Dj Yesong(Photo : instagram)

Yesong, who has not yet revealed their real name in accordance with privacy laws, rose to fame as a member of the well-known K-Pop band Instar before transitioning to becoming a DJ.

Despite this, her life drastically changed when she hit and fatally injured a deliveryman while operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

The court proceedings, as reported by Kyung Hyang Shinmun, unveiled incriminating information regarding the incident.

According to reports, Yesong did not take proper actions after the fatal accident, such as contacting emergency services or remaining at the scene to assist authorities.

Instead, she reportedly inquired with bystanders about her state of intoxication and tried to resolve the issue by offering to compensate the victim’s family, but they declined the offer.

During the sentencing, the judge emphasized the gravity of Yesong’s actions and the impact they had on the victim’s family.

“She testified that after the accident, she asked people if she looked drunk. She didn’t try to salvage the situation and didn’t call the police. She left the scene without any explanation. The defendant offered ₩5.00 million KRW (about $3,610 USD) to the victim to settle but it was refused.

The defendant then submitted a request for leniency with the victim’s family, but the court took into account the fact that the victim had died and could not relay his wishes.”

Initially, prosecutors had requested a 15-year sentence for Yesong, stressing the seriousness of the crime and the importance of discouraging drunk driving.

Despite Yesong’s expression of remorse and plea for leniency towards the victim’s family, the court ultimately determined that the severity of the offense justified a significant prison sentence.

The case has reignited conversations surrounding the hazards of driving under the influence in South Korea, as road safety continues to be a pressing issue.

The sentencing of a former celebrity has also sparked contemplation about the duties and repercussions that come with being a public figure.

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