TenZ’s Proposal to Revamp Valorant Evori Dreamwings Skins

TenZ expressed his opinion on the Valorant Evori Dreamwings weapon bundle on X, stating that although he finds the skins to be “fire,”he believes they can also be overly distracting during gameplay.

The Evori Dreamwings bundle, which was launched on June 27 along with Episode 9, is the newest update to the store. Each skin included in the bundle represents a unique character, including a cat, hamster, and bunny.

Despite being priced at approximately $105, the bundle has become extremely popular among the Valorant community.

Additionally, TenZ, a professional player of Valorant, appreciates the visual appeal of the skins but also finds them to be a distraction. He suggests having the ability to disable certain animations when picking up an enemy’s weapon.

“According to TenZ on X, the new skins are impressive, but the abundance of animations and sounds can be overwhelming and affect gameplay. It would be helpful to have the option to deactivate skins on the client side to avoid any potential disadvantages during a game.”

Evori Dreamwings skinline in Valorant
Riot Games

Incorporating new concepts, designs, and animations for its skins is a recurring practice in Valorant, and this is also evident in the Evori Dreamwings skin. However, the abundance of features included in this bundle may prove to be overwhelming and distracting when attempting to make critical moves in intense situations.

Several commenters below the post shared TenZ’s opinion that the skins were overly distracting, and some even shared their own experiences with similar issues while using them.

“At first, I was not a fan, but it is actually quite pleasant. However, it is too distracting to be practical,”noted one X commenter.

A different user proposed a solution for Valorant to address this problem by implementing a feature that would allow players to swap a picked-up skin for one they already possess, inspired by a concept seen in Apex Legends.

“According to the commenter, Apex allows players to customize their guns by ‘painting’ them with their skin after picking them up from someone else. They mention that this feature is cool and would not mind seeing it added to Valorant.”

Valorant is unlikely to reduce the appearance of their skins, as they have put significant time and effort into their creation. Additionally, these skins can cost upwards of $100 to acquire. However, if the skins prove to be too distracting during gameplay, it could dissuade some players from either utilizing them or investing in the bundle.

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