Logan Paul surprises WWE fans with viral “hawk tuah” taunt mid-match

Logan Paul entertained viewers at a WWE Smackdown by imitating TikTok’s popular “hawk tuah”dance move to mock his opponent in the middle of their match.

Ever since the original clip became a viral sensation on TikTok, the catchphrase “hawk tuah”has dominated the internet. The girl who created the mantra, Hailey Welch, has already earned a significant profit from merchandise sales.

Recently, the term “hawk tuah”has gained popularity in the world of sports, particularly in the WWE. Liv Morgan, a professional wrestler and Women’s World Champion, has already recreated the famous moment, and now Logan Paul has also joined in on the trend.

During the June 28 WWE Smackdown match against LA Knight and Santos Escobar, Paul used a popular catchphrase to taunt his opponents, as seen on YouTube.

A clip from the match, shared on X (formerly known as Twitter) by ‘wrestlelamia’, showed Paul sitting in the ring with both LA Knight and Santos Escobar lying on either side of him.

Paul, looking full of energy, imitated the viral meme “hawk tauh”as the referee intervened. His act was barely audible over the commentary.

The instant has already been transformed into a GIF on X, with both viewers and fans sharing their delight over Paul’s taunt.

“One person wrote, “He actually did it [oh my God] hahah,”while another commented, “This guy is slowly becoming a legend in the ring,”in response to a post by ADDICTED2GAM3S. TRURATT also shared their admiration for the individual’s accomplishment.”

Despite Paul’s efforts to gain recognition by using other people’s fame, not everyone was impressed with him. In fact, some criticized him, stating that he was so insignificant that he had to rely on others to boost his own image.

Some people were perplexed as to why anyone would take offense or be surprised by his recreation, stating that it was only natural for a “internet superstar wrestler”to reference the current popular internet meme as a joke.

According to sources, it is believed that WWE has contacted Welch and her merchandise collaborator, Jason Poteete. This could possibly clarify why Paul incorporated the catchphrase into his match.

Despite seeming to have the upper hand during his taunt, Paul’s rival LA Knight ultimately emerged victorious and earned a spot in the Money in the Bank ladder match on July 6.

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