Top 15 Anime Characters With the Most Striking Eyes

The phrase “eyes are the window to the soul”holds true for our anime characters. Their vibrant eyes immediately capture our attention and convey their deepest emotions, enabling us to form a strong connection with them.

Occasionally, a character’s eyes can be their defining trait, while in other instances, they serve as the key to unleashing their abilities. Regardless, it is always thrilling to witness the ones with the most intriguing eyes.

Without any additional delay, here is the comprehensive list of the top 15 anime characters with the most impressive eyes.

15. Kurapika’s Abilities (Hunterx Hunter)

Kurapika's Eyes
Kurapika’s Scarlet Eyes | Source: Fandom

Kurapika’s crimson eyes are renowned as the most stunning in the world of Hunterxhunter. This physical characteristic is a defining feature of the Kurta Clan, of which Kurapika was a member. Such a rare trait is highly coveted and considered a prized possession.

The eye’s inherent power is not well understood, but it is known to emit a scarlet glow when agitated.

Kurapika’s eyes also enable him to access his ‘nen’ ability, which involves utilizing and controlling one’s life force.

14. Decim’s Perspective as an Arbiter in Death Parade

Decim's Eyes
Decim’s Eyes | Source: Fandom

Decim, the protagonist of the anime series Death Parade, is the acting arbiter at the bar Quindecim where he works as a bartender. His bright blue eyes, adorned with a distinctive cross design, serve as a symbol of his role in judging the souls of the deceased.

13. Nighteye’s Quirk: Foresight (My Hero Academia)

Nighteye using his Foresight
Sir Nighteye using Foresight | Source: Fandom

Sir Nighteye was a former pro-hero who had previously served as a sidekick to the No. 1 hero, All Might. He had also managed a hero agency, where he mentored UA students such as Mirio and Deku.

His eyes, once unlocked, reveal a purple clock which symbolizes the passing of time, allowing him to utilize his quirk, ‘Foresight,’ to see into his opponent’s future and anticipate their actions.

12. Leonardo’s All-Seeing Eyes in Blood Blockade Battlefront

Leonardo's Eyes
Leonardo’s All-Seeing Eyes of Gods | Source: Fandom

Leonardo Watch’s life was uneventful until a mysterious entity bestowed him with divine eyes. Upon activation, these eyes allowed him to see hidden things that were not visible to the naked eye. These all-powerful eyes of God are extremely rare and coveted by many, who are willing to do whatever it takes to possess them.

11. The Mysterious Jagan Eye of Hiei (YuYu Hakusho)

Hiei's Jagan Eye
Hiei’s Jagan Eye | Source: Fandom

Hiei, who had received the Jagan eye through surgery, was able to perform seemingly impossible feats such as telepathy, telekinesis, and mind control. Additionally, this eye allowed him to have heightened senses and perfect control over his dark flame technique.

10. Benimaru’s Gaze in Fire Force

Benimaru's Eyes
Benimaru’s Unique Eyes | Source: Fandom

Benimaru Shinmon, the previous leader of the 7th Special Fire Force Company, possesses mesmerizing eyes. With red irises that feature a white circular pupil on one side and a white cross on the other, resembling the iconic tic-tac-toe game, his gaze is truly captivating. However, these unique markings hold more significance than just a cool design, as they symbolize his formidable abilities. The circle represents his second-generation fire abilities, while the cross represents his third-generation powers.

9. The Power of Kaneki’s Kakugan in Tokyo Ghoul

Kaneki's Courage
Kaneki’s Courage | Source: Fandom

After awakening as a half-ghoul, Kaneki’s powers manifested in the form of a Kakugan. This biological feature is a natural occurrence in ghouls, causing their iris to turn blood-red in contrast to the dark sclera of their eyes. Due to his half-ghoul nature, Kaneki’s Kakugan appeared only in his left eye.

Ciel’s Faustian Contract in Black Butler

Ciel's Eye
Ciel’s Faustian Contract Eye | Source: Fandom

As a result of a pact with the demon Sebastian Michaelis, known as a Faustian contract or Devil’s deal, Ciel Phantomhive bears a contact seal on his right eye. The seal, a stunning purple iris adorned with a glowing star symbol, is concealed from the public eye by a black eye patch.

7. Kurumi’s Ability to Manipulate Time (Date A Live)

Kurumi's Eyes
Kurumi using Time Manipulation | Source: Fandom

Kurumi’s design in the Date A Live anime series is highlighted by her clock eye, making her one of the most formidable spirits. She utilizes this unique feature to drain her victim’s time, as it glows with a golden clock design in her left eye.

Lelouch’s Geass (Code Geass)

Lelouch's Eye
Lelouch using his Geass | Source: Fandom

C.C. bestowed Lelouch Vi Britannia with the power of Geass, which grants him the ability to command absolute obedience. His left eye bears the Geass seal, and when activated, it projects onto the target’s eyes. This extraordinary power enables him to manipulate the actions of anyone to his advantage.

5. Starry Eyes (Oshi No Ko) by Ai Hoshino

Ai's Star Eyes
Ai’s Star Eyes | Source: Fandom

One cannot help but be captivated by Ai Hoshino’s alluring gaze, which is the first thing that catches the viewer’s eye. The six-pointed stars within her eyes represent her status as a popular idol and also hint at the fabricated persona she presents to her adoring fans, adding a sense of mystery to her personal life.

4. Makima’s Eyes in Chainsaw Man

Makima's Eyes
Makima’s Mysterious Eyes | Source: Fandom

Makima, a Public Safety Devil hunter, is later revealed to be a control Devil. Her captivating yellow eyes are adorned with spiral-like designs, resembling hypnotism. This characteristic flawlessly captures her unsettling and enigmatic persona, which she frequently attempts to conceal.

Doma’s Rainbow Eyes: A Demon Slayer Tribute

Doma's Eyes
Doma’s Rainbow Eyes | Source: Fandom

Doma, an Upper Moon Two demon, is revered not only as a cult leader but also for his rare rainbow-colored eyes, which bear his rank in kanji. His eyes were so exquisite that the people believed he was a blessed being capable of communicating with God.

Sasuke’s Sharingan (Naruto)

Sasuke's Sharingan
Sasuke’s Sharingan | Source: Fandom

Referred to as the Copy Wheel eyes, this technique is highly regarded in the Uchiha Clan for its strength. It grants the user the ability to sense chakra and enhance perception, as well as memorize, replicate, and alter their adversaries’ techniques effortlessly.

Gojo’s Six Eyes (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Gojo's Six Eyes
Gojo’s Six Eyes | Source: Fandom

Gojo Satoru’s Six Eyes are a must-have inclusion when discussing anime characters with exceptional eyes. These eyes are a crucial aspect of the powerful jujutsu abilities that are unique to the Gojo clan. At present, Gojo Satoru remains the sole known user of the Six Eyes.

While being utilized, the irises emit a vibrant light blue hue, enabling Gojo to discern the smallest intricacies of the curse energy and his surroundings. This also aids in controlling his curse energy while utilizing the Limitless, a Cursed Technique innate to the Gojo Clan.

These are the anime characters that have the coolest eyes of all time. Did we leave someone out? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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