Thank you MHA— Fans begin saying farewell weeks before My Hero Academia ends

The author of the My Hero Academia manga series has announced that the series will come to an end on August 5, 2024, following the climax of the final war. This announcement has been met with appreciation from fans.

The arc came to a close when All for One and Tomura Shigaraki were defeated, with the help of Deku’s friends and teachers. The story then entered its epilogue, showcasing the graduation of U.A. High School students and the advancement of Deku’s class to the next year.

In the upcoming chapters, the author will conclude the stories of each character in a satisfactory manner. However, before the series reaches its conclusion, the fandom would like to express their admiration for the author’s decade-long dedication to their masterpiece.

Please note: This article includes the author’s personal opinion and may contain spoilers from the My Hero Academia manga series.

Fans Reflect on a Decade of Enjoyment and Inspiration from My Hero Academia

Deku defeating All for One for good (Image via Shueisha)
Deku defeating All for One for good (Image via Shueisha)

In chapter 423 of My Hero Academia, Deku made a final dash towards the ultimate villain All for One in order to defeat him. Using his power, the protagonist transferred the remaining embers of One for All to the antagonist, freeing Tomura Shigaraki from the control of the final villain.

After delivering a final blow alongside Tomura Shigaraki and Deku, the remaining traces of One for All were able to vanquish All for One once and for all. Before succumbing to his injuries, Deku and Tomura Shigaraki exchanged a brief conversation about the future.

Nejire graduating from the U.A. High School (Image via Shueisha)
Nejire graduating from the U.A. High School (Image via Shueisha)

Following the climax of the last battle, the epilogue of the series began with the graduation of the third-year students from U.A. High School, where Deku’s class was promoted to the next year while still having Aizawa as their homeroom teacher.

The Todoroki family came together one last time in the epilogue, facing Dabi and letting go of any lingering regrets. With only three chapters left, the remaining parts of the manga will either wrap up loose ends or reveal the truth behind the enigmatic man.

Fan Reactions to the Conclusion of My Hero Academia

As anticipated, the fandom struggled to find the right words, but most expressed their gratitude towards Kohei Horikoshi’s masterpiece. This moment provided an opportunity for fans to express how much the series has impacted their lives, resonating with many. Additionally, fans took the chance to show their love for their favorite characters and showered them with praise.

Deku and Yagi Toshinori (All Might) were beloved by fans for their ability to inspire others to never give up and to chase their dreams. Many fans found themselves connecting with Deku’s character and his pursuit of a simple dream, which resonated deeply with them.

“I was going to make a long post but just #ThankYouMHA for healing my inner child. For giving me closure I couldn’t get I real life and for making me happy in dark times. thank you and goodbye”a fan said.

“Y’all already know but deku’s been my favourite anime character period since i got into MHA when i was 12 and a big reason for that is bc i saw myself in him. we’re both awkward nerds who are hyperfixated on our favourite shit and he rlly just resonated with me”another fan said.

“Honestly, it’s Deku. I just love it when a character believes in doing the right thing so much it brings inspiration to others. In a time where media loves making heroes seem like the bad guys, Deku is just a kid with a simple dream and he never stopped running”another one claimed.

Ochako Uraraka as seen in the anime (Image via Bones)
Ochako Uraraka as seen in the anime (Image via Bones)

Despite the series being hailed as the best one by the fandom, there was also recognition for side characters such as Ochako Uraraka. This was particularly evident after her powerful speech during the Dark Deku arc in front of a large audience. Many fans were captivated by her character development, making her the highlight of the series for them.

A fan also spoke about the rumors surrounding the series and expressed relief that he stuck with it until the very end.

“My hero has broaden my view point on so many things. I love the craft of the show. Even though it wasn’t my first but it is by far the best one for me.”a fan claimed.

“Ochaco’s always been a decent character in Act 1 and Act 2 (a bit underutilized ngl) but Act 3 Ochaco is genuinely incredible. Tearing down the idea of heroes being gods when they’re just humans, accepting her feelings, SUPPORTING OTHERS, etc”a fan appreciated Uraraka.

“I understand the fandom with the weirdos with their weird ass fanfics of the characters. But past that this manga/anime is beyond amazing that if you haven’t watched it or read it I’d highly recommend it. I’m glad I kept up with it till the end.”another fan claimed.

Final thoughts

It’s intriguing to observe how the devoted following of this series tarnished its image, causing other fans to believe that My Hero Academia is merely a typical Shounen series without any unique qualities.

The series was the driving force behind the fandom’s dedication and enthusiasm, evident in their reactions. As Kohei Horikoshi’s beloved work nears its climax, it is only natural for readers to anticipate a satisfying ending from the author.

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