The Boys Season 4 Episode 7: The Epic Superhero Beatdown We’ve Been Waiting For

The long-awaited superhero showdown that fans have been anticipating since the start of the show will finally be revealed in The Boys Season 4 Episode 7.

The upcoming season of The Boys, Season 4, is leading up to the highly anticipated ultimate battle between Homelander and Billy Butcher. However, this climactic fight is expected to occur in the following season, Season 5.

However, this does not mean that the series will not fulfill its promise of delivering other highly anticipated fights before then, as evidenced by the glimpse in the trailer for Episode 7.

At the 0:14 mark, it is revealed that Black Noir and the Deep have managed to infiltrate The Boys’ headquarters. However, Butcher and Starlight are present and ready to defend it.

Despite the short duration of Butcher and Noir’s fight, the majority of the sequence centers on the highly anticipated confrontation between the Deep and Starlight, which fans have been eagerly anticipating for years.

Upon joining the Seven in The Boys Season 1, Starlight was immediately welcomed by the Deep, who appeared to be charming and amiable.

Despite having a crush on him in her childhood, Starlight was still flattered by his positive attention and had hoped that their working together at Vought would lead to a friendship between them.

Nevertheless, the situation quickly turned grim when the Deep proceeded to sexually assault her, having trapped them both in the Seven’s conference room.

The Deep would often taunt Starlight during her time on the team, using the aforementioned assault as leverage to keep her quiet and prevent her from telling Homelander about the incident.

Starlight’s method of stopping the Deep’s mocking involved threatening to burn his eyes out of his skull. However, instead of dissipating, her animosity towards the supe only intensified, especially following her recruitment into The Boys.

Many fans are eagerly anticipating Starlight’s long-awaited revenge against the man who made her life miserable. One Reddit user expressed excitement for this moment, saying “This shit is gonna be so cathartic.”

One other fan expressed their desire, stating, “I am really hoping that Starlight will eventually overcome an opponent with a powerful mini-maneuver.”

Additionally, another spectator referenced Starlight’s warning to the Deep by suggesting, “This could be the perfect opportunity for Starlight to secure a merciless elimination: aim a powerful light blast directly through his mouth, searing through his eyes.”

Fans of The Boys can anticipate the highly anticipated confrontation between Starlight and the Deep in Episode 7, set to release on July 11.

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