Sakamoto Days Chapter 174: Release date & spoiler speculation

Rion and Uzuki are currently fleeing without a specific destination in mind. To catch up on the latest events in Sakamoto Days Chapter 174, here is what you need to know.

Yuuto Suzuki’s Sakamoto Days is a well-known manga that chronicles the story of Tarou Sakamoto, once renowned as the greatest hitman. Despite his previous notoriety, Sakamoto has since retired from the criminal world and now holds a humble job as a convenience store clerk, driven by his newfound love.

Despite a bounty being placed on his head, Tarou is unable to completely leave behind his troubled history. As fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming anime adaptation, slated for release in 2025, the manga carries on with its ninth story arc. Starting in Chapter 164, this arc delves into the aftermath of the attack on the exhibition. The new organization has marked Sakamoto, Nagumo, and Uzuki as high-priority targets due to their perceived danger.

During this time, Uzuki makes an effort to eliminate the remaining members of the JAA by assuming his new persona as Takamura. The most recent chapter revisits the events that occurred after Kindaka’s demise. With Uzuki and Rion successfully fleeing, what lies ahead for them?

Release Date and Time for Sakamoto Days Chapter 174

As there will be no hiatus this week, readers can expect the release of Sakamoto Days Chapter 174 on Sunday, July 14, 2024, at 7am PT. The latest chapters are available for free on Manga Plus.

The release timezones for Sakamoto Days Chapter 174 are listed below:

  • 11.00am Eastern Time
  • 4.00pm British Time
  • 5.00pm European Time
  • 8.30pm Indian Time
  • 11.00pm Philippine Time

Sakamoto Days: Chapter 174 – Spoiler Speculation

Sakamoto Days Rion and Uzuki
Manga Plus

After fleeing, Rion and Uzuki seek shelter in a nearby car. Curious about Uzuki’s aspirations, Rion inquires about his future plans. Uzuki reiterates his desire to go back to Al-Kamar and shares the name of the orphanage with Rion. She expresses her comprehension but warns him that returning could lead to the continuation of the same circumstances.

Despite some lighthearted moments, the chapter ultimately concludes with an ambiguous tone, leaving a sense of impending danger. The following chapter is expected to follow their ongoing journey as they battle against JAA.

Their primary objective is likely to involve creating a strategy to liberate Gaku and the other young individuals from the oppressive institution. This chapter will present a combination of action, emotional depth, and pivotal plot twists that will have a lasting impact on the series’ future.

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