Instructions for Accessing the Viral Outfit Generator Filter on TikTok

While browsing your For You Page on TikTok, you may have encountered videos of individuals testing out a popular outfit generator filter.

The “outfit generator”filter on TikTok, which went viral in 2024, has become incredibly popular on the app. It enables users to create a full outfit with just a tap on their screen.

The selection consists of choices for a blouse or dress, pants or skirt, a coat (or no coat), footwear, earrings, a necklace, and an extra item like a purse, headphones, or sunglasses.

To date, over 892,000 posts have utilized this feature, and certain TikTok users have even gone as far as donning the fashionable and sophisticated ensembles created by it.


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How to get the ‘outfit generator’ filter on TikTok

Although there are multiple outfit generator filters available on TikTok, the most widely used one has been Your Random Outfit v2 since April 2024 and it continues to be a trending feature on the app. Here’s how to access it:

  1. Open the app TikTok.
  2. To open the camera, simply click on the plus icon.
  3. In the bottom left corner, tap ‘Effects.’
  4. Choose the filter that has the same name.
  5. To start generating random outfits, simply tap the screen. Each tap will cycle through various clothing items, accessories, and combinations.

You can also utilize the filter on a different video.

The viral outfit generator filter on TikTok is receiving immense love from users, with numerous videos raking in thousands of likes and views.

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