Taco Bell’s Famous Beef Recipe Revealed and Takes Customers by Surprise

After receiving their takeout, Taco Bell customers were left surprised by the amount of beef in the recipe.

Despite Taco Bell’s claim that their seasoned beef is made with 100% USDA premium beef, it is not entirely accurate.

According to the website, the beef is first simmered and then drained of any extra fat. Next, it is pre-seasoned with a special mix of seven genuine spices and seasonings. Afterwards, it is packaged with water to seal in the flavor and provide extra moisture before being shipped to restaurants.

Surprisingly, the majority of the non-beef ingredients found in Taco Bell beef are actually just seasonings and binders, resulting in a fairly typical composition.

Despite our uncertainty, Taco Bell continues to offer some of the most affordable prices among all fast food chains.

A photo of Taco Bell's new Cantina range
Taco Bell

Taco Bell has left customers feeling shocked

In 2014, Taco Bell provided reassurance to consumers that all of their additives had been approved by the FDA. They also took the time to explain the purpose of each one, including maltodextrin, which is simply a type of sugar.

“One commenter shared that they would prefer if the beef was not 100% as they were uncertain about the process used to make cow meat taste seasoned.”

Another individual responded, “You’re correct, I’m completely surprised. I didn’t expect the beef content to be as high as 88%.”

Despite not being the first surprise, it was revealed in June that McDonald’s burgers were not performing as well as other menu items.

“It is important for us to monitor the change in protein consumption. This shift has been evident, as demonstrated by the fact that our brand did not offer a chicken sandwich when it was first launched in 1955. Today, we sell more chicken than beef, highlighting the change in consumer preferences,”stated the fast food company.

“Over time, individuals gradually alter their dietary choices. Therefore, it is evident that we are witnessing this gradual shift. This change may be influenced by affordability, as chicken production costs are lower. Consequently, for those seeking cost-effective food options, chicken is currently a favorable choice.”

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